Announcing F1+Shelby’s Financial Integration!


f1plysshelby - Announcing F1+Shelby's Financial Integration!

We are excited to announce our Shelby Financials Integration! With this new integration, your church can be equipped with the most comprehensive People Management software on the market along with an unparalleled name in church accounting software.

FellowshipOne is about helping your ministry care for people. Shelby Financials is dedicated to the stewardship of your ministry’s resources. With this integration, your church can be excellent stewards of your two most valuable resources: People and Finances.

With FellowshipOne + Shelby Financials, your church can:

  • Enjoy seamless reconciliation by keeping contributions and receipts perfectly in sync with bank accounts.
  • Maintain a high degree of data integrity by reducing the degree of errors caused by manual data input.
  • Eliminate time wasted on manual data entry with a new intuitive workflow, saving the church on labor costs.
  • Easily find and sync specific subsets of transactions based on the date range and contribution type or batch.
  • Create separate journal entries for each unique Company, Year and Period all in the same export.
  • Maintain separate journal entries for receipts and contributions, even when attributed to the same fund and accounts.
  • Keep contribution data private and financial data secure.

Picture1 - Announcing F1+Shelby's Financial Integration!

Click here to visit our website and learn more about FellowshipOne + Shelby Financials. Join FellowshipOne and our partners at PSK CPA for a FREE webinar covering financials on June 28. You can register here.

FellowshipOne Insights Dashboards at a Glance

AtaGlanceTw 1024x538 - FellowshipOne Insights Dashboards at a Glance

FellowshipOne Insights Dashboards provide visibility into ministry effectiveness by giving you value-driven visualizations of your church’s data – all with an easy to use, modern design. You’ll find key value indicators and useful charts and graphs for your church’s contributions and attendance data, all with the ability to filter to the data that’s relevant to your needs. For example:

InsightBlog1 - FellowshipOne Insights Dashboards at a Glance

Attendance by Month Trend

This report dashlet is located on the Activity Attendance Overview Dashboard. This shows the total number of people attending activities at the church by month (for the last 12 months), but also the average number of attendants per activity.  In this example, it’s key to ask the question, why did the attendance drop beginning May and begin to increase again in October?

InsightBlog2 - FellowshipOne Insights Dashboards at a Glance

Transactions & Unique Contributors

These Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashlets are located on the Contributions Overview Dashboard. This shows the number of transactions and unique contributions over the specified range. In this particular example, the downward arrow shows there are 29 less contributors than the previous year.

To learn more about FellowshipOne Insights, click here.

Upcoming Insights Visualizer Training

VizTrainingBlog - Upcoming Insights Visualizer Training

Since we announced the FellowshipOne Premier Insights Visualizer Training, many of you have reached out inquiring when the next two-day session will be offered. Good news! More training has been added to the Education Calendar.

Tuesday, February 13 & Thursday, February 15

Tuesday February 27 & Thursday, March 1

This training will empower and equip users to create custom reports and dashboards around Contributions, Activities, Attributes, Groups and so much more. This training includes two hours of consulting with the FellowshipOne Professional Services team of experts.

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” – W. Edwards Deming

What happened when the F1 team started using Insights Visualizer: Part Three

Our series on our employee Visualizer Dashboard contest culminates today with our winner. We hope this contest and blog series has given you some great ideas on how you can implement Insights Visualizer. As you develop  dashboards that you think would be particularly useful to other churches, we would love to hear from you and see your dashboards!

Unknown 2 1024x502 - What happened when the F1 team started using Insights Visualizer: Part Three

The winner of the contest is Ernesto Marquez, a Customer Success Manager for Southeast US and International, who has been with F1 since 2013. His dashboard shows a quick view on important metrics for an Executive Pastor or Senior Pastor, allowing them to either track progress or know if they need to pay attention to a challenge. We asked Ernesto a few questions about his process in developing this dashboard.

How did you come up with the idea?

EM: I tried to put myself in the shoes of a pastor on a church leadership team and think about what they would want to see every Tuesday morning.

How easy it was to develop?

EM: It was somewhat challenging to be honest, I built this idea from some templates from Bayside Church.

Did you hit any snags along the way?

EM: Training is recommended for this level of  Insights and I wish I  had a bit more experience before diving in. But other than that, the actual interface is simple to operate.

Who do you think would most benefit from using this kind of dashboard?

EM: With custom-made dashboards you can create something valuable for everyone from executive level pastors and directors to volunteer leaders.

Learn more about FellowshipOne Insights and Visualizer here.

What happened when the F1 team started using Insights Visualizer: Part Two

Our series on our Visualizer Dashboard Contest continues today with our second place dashboard. Our internal contest aimed to find not only the most useful and best looking dashboards, but also how the product could best be used to help churches. The second place award went to Bobby Lester, who has been an account executive with us since June 2016. Bobby talks to churches every day, so he’s acutely aware of the kinds of challenges church leaders face when trying to grow their ministries. 

We asked Bobby a few questions about his process in developing this dashboard.

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See what happened when the F1 team started using Insights Visualizer

Recently we held a contest to see which FellowshipOne team member could develop the best and most useful Insights Visualizer dashboard. While it was a friendly competition, it helped highlight how this product could best help our customers. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring the work of the top three winners.

The third place award went to Finance Coordinator Matthew Wickline, who has been with F1 for three years. Being a finance specialist, Matthew’s dashboard is an in-depth look at contributions. Its main purpose  is to manage your contributions, where they are coming in, what method are they coming in by, and to see if a church’s attendance/worship numbers are influencing those contribution numbers.

WicklineGraph 1024x742 - See what happened when the F1 team started using Insights Visualizer

We asked Matthew a few questions about his process in developing this dashboard.

How did you come up with the idea?

MW: My main area of expertise at FellowshipOne includes Billing, Accounting, and Finance related functions and as such my first instinct with Visualizer was leveraging it as a tool to analyze specific cash flows for churches.

How easy it was to develop?

MW: Conceptually I think development of the dashboard was fairly simple. The complexity of the dashboard comes into play when churches decide what, and how they want to analyze and forecast financial data for their given church. I think those in the Finance/Accounting realm will have a fantastic time with Visualizer as it provides great flexibility with how you report and what you are reporting on.

Did you hit any snags along the way?

MW: As with all financial data, reporting on it can be difficult – you need to ensure your values are presented in a manner that is useful to you/those you are presenting to. I wouldn’t consider it necessarily a ‘snag’, but most of the reporting on this dashboard is very ‘tip of the iceberg’ kind of reporting that could be done from a finance perspective. In order to take this report to the next level, the church would have to identify what pieces of their financial reporting are most important to them – so they can create more customized reporting to dive deeper into those values and get a more thorough understanding of their cash flow.

Who do you think would most benefit from using this kind of dashboard?

MW: The Accounting or Finance departments or the volunteers assisting the church with keeping finances in order. Potentially the lead Pastor at a church if the congregation is on the smaller TWA (Total Weekly Attendance)  range.

Learn more about FellowshipOne Insights and Visualizer here.

Insights Visualizer Training Coming in January 2018

VisualizerImage 1024x633 - Insights Visualizer Training Coming in January 2018

Building on the existing functionality of FellowshipOne Insights, this training will empower users to create any custom report and dashboards around Contributions, Activities, Attributes, Groups and so much more. This training includes two hours of consulting and is designed for FellowshipOne Premier churches.

Register for this helpful webinar today. If you have any questions, contact our education team here.

The FellowshipOne Coordinator Application is Better than Ever!

Recent updates to FellowshipOne Coordinator make managing classrooms easier and more intuitive than ever! This web-based application is designed to give those charged with managing a group of classrooms convenient visibility into the number of participants and volunteers currently checked in.

Users can:

  • Login with most web-enabled mobile devices
  • Monitor room capacity and increase or decrease room capacity based on need
  • Open or close rooms as needed
  • Monitor student to Teacher ratio
  • View a list of students and volunteers currently checked into each classroom
  • Move teachers and students from one classroom to another

New updates to FellowshipOne Coordinator include:

• Completely updated design

fellowshipone coordinator

  • Better performance
  • Ability to provide volunteers with a direct url to an Activity in Coordinator
  • Improved user experience

FellowshipOne Coordinator is part of the FellowshipOne Premier Check-in Suite. If you are not a Premier customer, but are interested in learning more, please email

Introducing Insights Visualizer

Whether you’re looking to improve the way your church makes decisions or simply save time and reduce the stress of getting all the numbers and stats for staff meetings each week, FellowshipOne Insights is the tool for you! And now … that tool is stronger than ever!

FellowshipOne Insights now includes Visualizer custom reporting and dashboards!

Click the image to view the drag-and-drop report builder in action.


FellowshipOne Insights with Visualizer makes decision making easier and more efficient.

Improve Member Care:  Display spiritual growth and assimilation trends to determine how effectively

you’re helping congregants move through their spiritual journey

Save Time:  Staff meeting prep takes minutes instead of hours with automated reporting

Simplify Reporting:  Get the answers you need with intuitive reports and dashboards

Since joining the Ministry Brands family less than two years ago, the FellowshipOne team has focused on product improvements and enhancements. The momentum towards developing the best tools and resources for church leaders is only increasing with each new product release. Check out our recent announcements:

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Insights with Attributes Dashboards Launch

Insights Launch

Current FellowshipOne church partners interested in learning more about Insights can access articles in the Help Center and can find the next Visualizer free webinar and paid training sessions on the Education Calendar. Completion of Visualizer Training is a pre-requisite to accessing the Insights Visualizer platform.

To find out more about FellowshipOne, email

FellowshipOne Mobile: Put the Power of FellowshipOne in the palm of your hand.

FellowshipOne is thrilled to announce the release of FellowshipOne Mobile! Designed exclusively for Pastors, Ministry Leaders and church staff, this new application provides convenient accessibility to important Individual and Household information so that Ministry leaders can prepare for interactions with congregants.

FellowshipOne Mobile has an enhanced individual profile view that allows churches to gain valuable insight into individuals and households. With visibility into Group Membership, this new application helps users understand individual involvement. Access to Attributes and Requirements can not only help Ministry Leaders discern a congregant’s journey of spiritual growth or assimilation, but also provide visibility into background checks or other prerequisites to volunteering. In addition, FellowshipOne Mobile utilizes the security of FellowshipOne Note Types to give users the ability to both view and add important notes to the individual profile.

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