One of our core beliefs at Fellowship One is that technology alone will not grow churches. Our team understands the church world and is dedicated to providing valuable resources for every level of church management, including leadership, stewardship, process development, change and risk management, meeting visitor, volunteer or member needs, partnership opportunities, or technology trends.

Technology Trends

We are committed to keeping you informed of the best ways to use technology to maximize ministry.

No More Confusion - Understanding the Cloud
Written in non-technical terms, this whitepaper simplifies the complexities of the Cloud and ChMS differences.
4 Lessons Churches Can Learn From Facebook's QR Code Stunt
A Facebook prank yields four lessons for churches about executing projects, using technology, and remaining true to your church's DNA.
The Rock Church case study
The Rock Church manages their 12,000 members with Fellowship One, believing that most churches choose their technology with misguided criteria.

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Dynamic Leadership

Dynamic Churches don’t just happen. They happen because of dynamic leaders, men and women who understand the unique needs of the church at this time in history.

Measuring What Matters Most
Church data can provide tremendous insights into church growth, effectiveness, and health—or the lack thereof. This whitepaper explores 5 key areas that, together, give leaders a balanced snapshot of individual health and trends in the church that could signal opportunities or a need for investigation.
Measuring Ministry Impact Webinar
Measuring Ministry Impact Webinar
Nikelle Druck, IT Director of the 7-campus LCBC church, and F1 data expert Bob Van der Ploeg discuss three dimensions of church metrics, the top five areas to measure, and the kinds of insights data can produce to enable predictive decision-making.
Reaching and Keeping Visitors Checklist
Dynamic Churches are intentional about reaching new people and connecting them to the life of the church and a personal relationship with Christ.

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Church Management

Church management covers a lot of ground, from operations to financials, from structure and process development to data reporting and analytics. These are our areas of expertise.

The High Cost of Giving Statements
Most churches spend a lot of energy, time, and money preparing and mailing out annual giving statements for donors. This interactive infographic shows a better way.
Squeaky Clean Data eCourse: A 3-Step Guide
Your church's data is a keeper of spiritual insights that you must learn to navigate. Take our popular eCourse complete with worksheets and step-by-step guidance.
Make an Impact This Easter: The Unchurched, Technology & You
Easter weekend has the highest number of visitors. This popular webinar reveals current data about unchurched visitors, as well as what they're looking for and how to apply the 7 principles of effective follow-up. Includes 4 downloadable resources.

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Product Advantages

Want to know more about different features in our products? Browse this selection of resources to review product qualities from a variety of perspectives.

Check-in: McLean Bible Church
Multi-Site church McLean Bible develops a creative way to use their Fellowship One check-in in a remote, wireless area.
Online Giving: Hope Fellowship
Hope Fellowship Church beta-tested Fellowship One's Giving 2.0. Despite their low-key promotion of online giving and an occasional decrease in their attendance rates, they completely eliminated seasonal giving slumps.

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