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The challenges that churches face vary greatly across the landscape of new church plants, established churches looking to improve, and mega-sized, multi-site churches. Regardless of size or experience, every local church has limited resources.

Churches must find new ways to become more effective and efficient when engaging the groups that they seek to serve – the core, committed, congregation, crowd, and community. The church must identify new tools and new methods to help families address the issues in their lives, and help them become full-time followers of Christ.

How can the church maximize the effectiveness and efficiencies of their efforts while remaining good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to them? The answer is FellowshipOne.

Technology Trends

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FellowshipOne church management software helps the church to become more effective in ministry and more efficient in administration, with the essential information needed to make ministry decisions. Fellowship One allows you to focus on the reason you began working for the church - to minister to people rather than administer data.

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