Planning for Recovery Starts with a Disaster Recovery Plan


After a major disaster like a fire, flood, earthquake, tornado or hurricane people tend to fall into one of two categories:  Those who NEED HELP and those who WANT TO HELP.

We have all seen the pictures of destruction that happens to our communities. The tornado that leveled twelve houses in a neighborhood. What you don’t see and is often hard to understand is that 200 houses around those houses are perfectly fine. Not only that but also that the people in those houses are feeling so thankful that they really just want to help out anyway they can. Mobilizing that desire to help can seem like a difficult task. This is where FellowshipOne can help.

We’ve developed a Disaster Recovery Plan for you and your team. By establishing two new group types called Disaster Recovery Sign Up and Disaster Recovery Volunteer Groups, you have started your plan to help those in your church and your community recover. The additional details, including screen shots are available in this PDF fellowshipone-disaster-recovery-plan.

Introducing FellowshipOne GO Complete

While it seems that technology changes at the speed of light, we know that ministry changes at the speed of life! Wouldn’t it be great to have one tool that equips you and your team to manage, grow, connect, and protect your entire church? Now you can!

Introducing FellowshipOne GO Complete, the newest solution in Church Management that bundles all the tools you want and need in one place.

What makes it Complete?

FellowshipOne GO Complete is the easy-to-use, easy-to-start solution that combines the power of member management with the ease of Online Giving, the efficiency of Check-In, the reliability of Church Accounting, the simplicity of Websites, the convenience of Mass Messaging, and peace of mind of integrated Background Checks.

Introductory Pricing for as low as $169 per month. Check the pricing calculator.

How Does Church Philanthropy Impact the Church? Part 2

In Part 1, we identified the trend of churches designating significant portions of their offerings to projects and needs in the community and across the globe via special collections.

As a marketer, my curiosity is always piqued by cause and effect and by both anecdotal and empirical data. So, as I heard more about churches seeing huge offerings when the gifts were pledged to a specific, urgent need, I was pleased to see how compassion fuels organic generosity. It’s not hard to imagine how this triggers greater giving among younger generations, especially. (more…)

Fellowship One Employee Highlight: Andrew Moultrie

Andrew-MoultrieThis week we would like to highlight Andrew Moultrie as a valued team member here at Fellowship One.

As a Product Manager for F1, Andrew, shown here with his wife, aims to understand churches’ needs and help provide technology that helps them meet their goals. Andrew is instrumental in getting new projects off the ground and ensuring all of the new enhancements to Fellowship One bring high value to our customers and their members.

Andrew loves working in the Faith Market. “It is a joy to know that the work I do to enhance Fellowship One has an impact on how our church partners minister to the people they lead,” he says. “It’s exciting to be a part of how technology can be used for great things in God’s kingdom.”

Andrew – How do you keep Faith ACTIVE?

“I’m a member of a relatively small church plant here in Dallas, so I stay pretty active by taking on different responsibilities as our church grows and changes over time. My wife and I look to lead a home group in the coming months, so by God’s grace we’ll be caring for, hanging out with and meeting the needs of people in our neighborhood too!”

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We’d like to especially call out Andrew and the rest of the product team for their invaluable help pulling off our Mad Marchness Special for Select Edition customers. Thanks, team!

The Rise of Church Philanthropy, Part I

[Guest Post by Lisa Castello]

For many of us, our earliest memory of giving as a spiritual practice was watching mom or dad write a check, fold it in half, and drop it in the collection plate as it passed by us in the church pew.

Though I can’t recall my parents ever talking to me about money management, I understood the practice of giving as a young adult, even as I was scrambling to define terms related to taxes, retirement accounts, and insurance plans.

Since then, I’ve been part of countless discussions about giving, either at church, in seminars, or with advisors,friends, and family. Articles, books, and resources on the topic abound. But my conversations usually focus on the importance of giving for individuals.

Lately, however, I’m finding the topic associated with some churches who make a practice of spending a portion of corporate income on philanthropic purposes. (more…)

A Smart Sacrifice for Lent: 9 Technology Tips


In some Christian traditions, Lent marks a few weeks on the winter calendar for believers to set aside worldly distractions, focus on Christ’s suffering, and prepare our hearts for Easter.

As the Lenten season began last week, social networking was among the top five things people tweeted that they were giving up for Lent. (The irony wasn’t lost on us, either!)

For Lenten observers (or anyone!) interested in taking a break from social media or other smartphone distractions, here’s a thought that allows you to piggyback on your current addition: (more…)

Fellowship One Employee Highlight: Ashley Walcher

ashley-walcher-200x300This week we would like to highlight new mom, Ashley Walcher (shown here with her 8-month old son) as a valued team member here at Fellowship One.

Ashley oversees the Account Management team, helping churches streamline processes so they can extend their reach into their communities and live out the Gospel.

Ashley is a valuable team member who really understands the Faith customers. She says, “Working with Faith means I get the opportunity to impact the Kingdom by enabling churches to best use their tools and resources to draw people to Christ.”

Ashley – How do you keep faith ACTIVE?

“I’m currently part of the media team at my church and I serve as a Life Group leader for young adults as well.”

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Hear from Ashley and her team at the Virtual User Summit on 2/10/16 at 2pm CST. Click here to join.

10 Reasons to Love Your Ministry Job


Ministry is difficult, but so are most other kinds of jobs. If you haven’t thought about the upsides of your employment lately, Valentine’s Day (which just happens to fall on Sunday this year) is a great time to revisit the many reasons to love ministry.

We’ll get you started with ten reasons to fall back in love with what you do, even on the toughest days. (more…)

Simplify Your Easter Strategy


In the world of church, Easter can be subjected to as much hype as Christmas. We may not be busy stringing lights or organizing Angel Trees, but many churches are already planning for elaborate Easter services and weekend events.

Wanting to connect with the next big holiday influx of visitors, we plan special music programs, outreach-oriented sermons, vast egg hunts, and large community meals.

But what do the unchurched who are leaning toward a church connection really want to find there? Friends and community? Kids’ programs? Self-help strategies? (more…)