Join us at MPower 2019!

It has been way too long since we have had a FellowshipOne User Conference, so as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in 2019 we are launching one! Some of you may remember the FellowshipOne Dynamic Church Conference and others may be more familiar with the FellowshipOne Roadshows. The MPower User Conferenceis our new and […]

2018 GAAP Reporting Standards: What You Need to Know

Is your ministry prepared for the new GAAP reporting changes that take affect for this filing season? If your church files reports according to these GAAP standards and you haven’t made the necessary changes in your accounting practices, you could be looking at a larger bill from your auditors and a scramble at the end […]

FellowshipOne is Touring with XPastor!

XPastor is bringing a compensation workshop to 12 cities around the nation, and we’re touring with them! We will have a booth at every single XPastor event from August to November, and we’re hoping to see you there! This workshop is ideal for Senior and Executive Pastors, Governing Board and Finance Team members, and staff being […]

What is a Dynamic Church? Part Two

Today we continue our series, “What is a Dynamic Church?” where we examine the traits of effective ministries. Today we continue with part two of three. You can find part one here. A dynamic church should have… Emphasis on spiritual growth Leaders place a high value on the spiritual growth of its members. They invest […]

What is a Dynamic Church?

dy·nam·ic [dahy-nam-ik] adjective: characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic. This is the question being asked since 2004 by a group of Kingdom-minded individuals who believe the world can be changed by changing the church world. Recognizing the daunting challenges of the 21st-century church, they set out to understand the issues […]

Ministry Brands Foundation Update

In May 2017, the Ministry Brands Foundation was launched with a singular goal of supporting innovative solutions to key challenges in our Global, Christian community. Through a grant application process, The Foundation awards monies in four major areas of focus: Youth Engagement, Technology, Hunger/Homelessness, and Biblical Literacy Projects. Here are some of the grant recipients […]

F1 Serves Bonton Farms

Last month, some of our FellowshipOne team took a day to serve our community. Two teams over the course of a couple of days served at Bonton Farms. The farm, which is located in the South Dallas neighborhood of Bonton, combats “food deserts” in disadvantaged neighborhoods. 63% of residents in Bonton lack personal transportation and […]

FellowshipOne Team Gathers for Training and Team Building

Last month, we had the opportunity to gather the entire FellowshipOne family together at our headquarters in Dallas for a chance to hear from our leadership and learn the latest advancements with FellowshipOne Premier Insights. We also got to share a meal (or two, and maybe some dessert) and have a little fun along the […]

The 2017 FellowshipOne Roadshow is coming to Chicago and Orlando!

FellowshipOne Roadshow is a multi-destination tour across the United States designed specifically for ministry leaders and FellowshipOne users. Each event provides one full day of leadership insights, FellowshipOne training, and best practices  your church can leverage for your ministry right away.