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Join us at MPower 2019!

It has been way too long since we have had a FellowshipOne User Conference, so as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in 2019 we are launching one! Some of you may remember the FellowshipOne Dynamic Church Conference and others may be more familiar with the FellowshipOne Roadshows. The MPower User Conferenceis our new and improved version of those former FellowshipOne events. You may have seen our recent email promos under MPower User Conference 2019. We believe this all-new user conference better aligns with our purpose: To empower dynamic churches to accomplish their mission and ministry.

With the MPower User Conference, FellowshipOne’s parent company, Ministry Brands, is bringing together all of its product brands into a single event for 2019. With over 80,000 churches using Ministry Brands products, this will be an exciting opportunity to learn more about FellowshipOne and share the benefits of this dynamic education experience with our sister companies and their church partners; learning and worshiping together.

As a FellowshipOne attendee, you can attend classes specifically for your platform: FellowshipOne Premier, FellowshipOne GO, and Shelby Financials. FellowshipOne staff and consultants will be leading sessions and involved in One-on-One support collaborations throughout the event. There will also be plenty of classes offered on a wide variety of subjects and products beyond the software platforms you currently use, including Web development, HR, Leadership, Marketing, and IT. The General Assembly sessions will feature our leadership and an amazing keynote from Danielle Strickland, as well as worship music, and great prizes.

To learn more about the conference check out the MPower19 website HERE.