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Summer Plans: How You Can Use Worship Planning for Bible Camp 

Planning and leading summer youth programs like Bible Camp for your church is fun, meaningful, important – and a little chaotic, right?  

When you’re dealing with kids you can always expect the unexpected. Well, maybe not always – because there are worship planning tools in your church management software that bring order and certainty to this summer’s Bible Camps, youth ministries … almost anything on your calendar! FellowshipOne has all the info you need.  

Where does worship planning fit into your summer plans? 

When you hear the words “worship planning” you may think of Sunday services, but it can be useful every day, even in the laid-back summer months. Worship planning will keep your summer ministries moving right along, from beginning to end. This way, your youth events won’t be short staffed, and your programs won’t have unneeded lulls or gaps that can cause distraction.  

With easy-to-use software, you’ll keep your young guests engaged and interested, and they’ll learn more about Christ’s redeeming love and the hope He offers … all because you put in the time it takes to plan your summer programs carefully.  

How can you use worship planning for summer ministries? 

Let’s use summer Bible Camps as an example. You’ll need church staff and volunteers to plan and lead each day of Bible Camp. Your program themes, overall messages, and key Bible verses will need to be finalized. You’ll need music that keeps your campers entertained and excited about Christ’s love for them. Worship planning software brings it all together!  

  • People Scheduling: Worship planning lets you track which volunteers have signed up for specific camps and individual responsibilities like sign-in, snacks, music, first aid, and other tasks. It also lets you designate the right staff members to oversee each aspect of your Bible Camp, so they can lead the way for your faithful volunteers and keep everyone on the same page.  

And FellowshipOne worship planning offers mobile access so team leaders can manage workflow details on the go, and volunteers can sign up and accept assignments right from their smartphones.  

  • Worship Flow: The right planning software helps organize every detail of your Bible Camp, like who’s speaking when, what songs will play on which cues, and how you will engage your young attendees throughout the program – as well as where your church staff and volunteers need to be. Drag-and-drop fields make it easy to tweak the order of your program and get the worship flow perfect.  

A special feature of FellowshipOne’s software is that you can turn your worship plan into a presentation. For example, you can visually demonstrate your Bible Camp service flow with team members and volunteers to provide even more clarity about what you have planned and get everyone excited about the program. 

  • Songs Organizer: Music will of course be a big part of your Bible Camp, and worship planning lets you import songs and include information like lyrics so your campers and the whole team can sing along.  Plus, the OnSong virtual sheet music app lets you rehearse songs as you plan your camp and perform them on the day of your event.  

And it’s all secure – with file storage and permissions, you can organize files related to songs as well as teams and services, and set permissions to ensure only authorized individuals can access files or see and edit flows.  

Summer’s almost here, but there’s still time to try Worship Planning with FellowshipOne. It’s included with our accounts at no additional cost. If you’re already partners with us or ready to get started from scratch, our success team is here for you. Reach out today for more information!