How FellowshipOne GO is helping one customer maximize his ministry

F1GoEducationTW - How FellowshipOne GO is helping one customer maximize his ministry

One of our favorite things is hearing from our customers about how our products are helping them maximize their ministry. We recently received feedback from a pastor in Texas about what makes F1 GO so valuable to his church. We thought it summed up the F1 GO experience perfectly.

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Product Update: FellowshipOne GO

A new dashboard option has been added to the FellowshipOne GO navigation menu.  The Dashboard option is in a user-friendly location within your FellowshipOne GO system allowing you to view your important church metrics.  It is easily configurable with multiple variations to customize a dashboard of widgets.

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Special Emergency Communications Offer for Churches, Schools and Businesses Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

HarveyBlog - Special Emergency Communications Offer for Churches, Schools and Businesses Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

First and foremost, our family at FellowshipOne would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the families, churches, and communities during this life-changing event that’s affecting your area.

Our hearts are heavy thinking about everything your community must be going through, and we’d like to help in any way we can. Communication is critical during any event such as this, and to help maintain contact with your church family we’d like to offer your church FULL USAGE of the ChurchCast messaging platform from the team at High Ground Solutions at NO CHARGE through September 30, 2017.
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Beat the Summer Giving Slump

Everything from weather to vacation to sports can have an effect on church attendance patterns. That means they also affect giving. Summer is the perfect storm of these factors.

Just like sunscreen and a good hat protect us from the summer rays, these tips can keep the summer giving slump at bay.

  1. Connect Money to Mission

Communication with your congregation should focus on the joy of contributing to God’s work in and through your ministry. Of course the “light bill” needs to be paid, but that doesn’t engender strong feelings of greater purpose. Look for moments to share about specific summer ministry opportunities and how continued faithful giving will make those events more fruitful. Examples might include more scholarships for camps, outreach opportunities for VBS, and relieved financial burden for missionaries.

  1. Celebrate Wins

Remind your congregation of the good things they helped accomplish through faithful giving in the past. What local charities have you partnered with recently? How many families joined the church because of VBS last year? Who went on a short-term missionary excursion and committed to full-time missions as a result? Specific examples will bring names and faces to mind, and maybe even catalyze increased giving.

  1. Communicate Options Clearly

Churches need a clear communication plan about something as important as giving. Encourage your people to be cheerful givers! Show them where and how to give: during service, mail-in, online, or even via text or mobile app. Put this information on your website, in your church bulletin, weekly emails, and even announce it from time to time.

  1. Make it Recurring

Setting up recurring online giving is the number one practical step to make sure that families are able to give easily while they may be away. If you don’t have an online option that allows recurring contributions yet, your church is missing opportunities for people to give.

fellowshipone recurring gift

Solutions like FellowshipOne Giving even have an integrated mobile app that lets people set up recurring giving from their phones—anywhere, anytime. They can even see their own giving history from the app. Churches who implement online giving see an average increase in donations over 30%!

fellowshipone recent giving

Don’t get burned! Remember: you apply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day. These tips take time and repetition to truly summer-proof your church’s giving.

For more information on how FellowshipOne can help your church avoid a summer giving slump, click here.

FellowshipOne GO launches new interface redesign

At FellowshipOne, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and invest in intuitive, responsive design. That commitment has produced our newest innovation: a redesign of our FellowshipOne Go interface.

Improved design and navigation means you can:

  • Access reporting from every screen view

New Nav Dashboard 300x167 - FellowshipOne GO launches new interface redesign

  • Leverage search and advanced search options   

New Nav Groups 300x163 - FellowshipOne GO launches new interface redesign

  • View Giving and Attendance content more easily

New Nav Reports CollapsedToolBar 300x165 - FellowshipOne GO launches new interface redesign

  • Connect with the most used tools more quickly

New Nav Profile View 300x163 - FellowshipOne GO launches new interface redesign

Change can be tough, so we are also giving all current customers month to adjust and adapt to the new design. By May 30, 2017, the new design becomes the only option for all users.

If you have any questions about the new design or how it affects your ministry, contact FellowshipOne GO Support at 844-582-0441 or email

For more information on the specifics of the design change, click here. If you’re interested in a free trial, click here.

Introducing FellowshipOne GO Complete

GoCompleteBlogImage - Introducing FellowshipOne GO Complete

While it seems that technology changes at the speed of light, we know that ministry changes at the speed of life! Wouldn’t it be great to have one tool that equips you and your team to manage, grow, connect, and protect your entire church? Now you can!

Introducing FellowshipOne GO Complete, the newest solution in Church Management that bundles all the tools you want and need in one place.

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What’s so Great about The Roadshow?

Our team loves to help churches take full advantage of the powerful technology available through Fellowship One. For the last five years, we’ve gone on tour with the Dynamic Church RoadShow to bring educational resources directly to our church partners.

These RoadShow events are a highlight for customers because for a minimal registration cost they get hands-on training and networking opportunities, but right in their own area of the country. At each stop, a team of consultants host dynamic training sessions, specialized tracks for both beginners and executives, one-on-one discussion, and lots of fun — which we like to call “edu-tainment”; because we know that you learn better when you’re awake!

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