Announcing F1+Shelby’s Financial Integration!


f1plysshelby - Announcing F1+Shelby's Financial Integration!

We are excited to announce our Shelby Financials Integration! With this new integration, your church can be equipped with the most comprehensive People Management software on the market along with an unparalleled name in church accounting software.

FellowshipOne is about helping your ministry care for people. Shelby Financials is dedicated to the stewardship of your ministry’s resources. With this integration, your church can be excellent stewards of your two most valuable resources: People and Finances.

With FellowshipOne + Shelby Financials, your church can:

  • Enjoy seamless reconciliation by keeping contributions and receipts perfectly in sync with bank accounts.
  • Maintain a high degree of data integrity by reducing the degree of errors caused by manual data input.
  • Eliminate time wasted on manual data entry with a new intuitive workflow, saving the church on labor costs.
  • Easily find and sync specific subsets of transactions based on the date range and contribution type or batch.
  • Create separate journal entries for each unique Company, Year and Period all in the same export.
  • Maintain separate journal entries for receipts and contributions, even when attributed to the same fund and accounts.
  • Keep contribution data private and financial data secure.

Picture1 - Announcing F1+Shelby's Financial Integration!

Click here to visit our website and learn more about FellowshipOne + Shelby Financials. Join FellowshipOne and our partners at PSK CPA for a FREE webinar covering financials on June 28. You can register here.

Introducing Insights Visualizer

Whether you’re looking to improve the way your church makes decisions or simply save time and reduce the stress of getting all the numbers and stats for staff meetings each week, FellowshipOne Insights is the tool for you! And now … that tool is stronger than ever!

FellowshipOne Insights now includes Visualizer custom reporting and dashboards!

Click the image to view the drag-and-drop report builder in action.


FellowshipOne Insights with Visualizer makes decision making easier and more efficient.

Improve Member Care:  Display spiritual growth and assimilation trends to determine how effectively

you’re helping congregants move through their spiritual journey

Save Time:  Staff meeting prep takes minutes instead of hours with automated reporting

Simplify Reporting:  Get the answers you need with intuitive reports and dashboards

Since joining the Ministry Brands family less than two years ago, the FellowshipOne team has focused on product improvements and enhancements. The momentum towards developing the best tools and resources for church leaders is only increasing with each new product release. Check out our recent announcements:

F1 Mobile App Launch

InFellowship: Your Registrations Product Release

Customer Feedback on FellowshipOne Insights

Product Release Notes from Q3

Insights with Attributes Dashboards Launch

Insights Launch

Current FellowshipOne church partners interested in learning more about Insights can access articles in the Help Center and can find the next Visualizer free webinar and paid training sessions on the Education Calendar. Completion of Visualizer Training is a pre-requisite to accessing the Insights Visualizer platform.

To find out more about FellowshipOne, email

FellowshipOne Mobile: Put the Power of FellowshipOne in the palm of your hand.

FellowshipOne is thrilled to announce the release of FellowshipOne Mobile! Designed exclusively for Pastors, Ministry Leaders and church staff, this new application provides convenient accessibility to important Individual and Household information so that Ministry leaders can prepare for interactions with congregants.

FellowshipOne Mobile has an enhanced individual profile view that allows churches to gain valuable insight into individuals and households. With visibility into Group Membership, this new application helps users understand individual involvement. Access to Attributes and Requirements can not only help Ministry Leaders discern a congregant’s journey of spiritual growth or assimilation, but also provide visibility into background checks or other prerequisites to volunteering. In addition, FellowshipOne Mobile utilizes the security of FellowshipOne Note Types to give users the ability to both view and add important notes to the individual profile.

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FellowshipOne Product Release- InFellowship: Your Registrations

inFellowship registration

In response to customers who have long requested a way for congregants to have visibility into events they have already registered for, FellowshipOne is excited to release InFellowship: Your Registrations. Compatible with all screen sizes, this new feature reduces administrative overhead by negating the need for congregants to call the church office for information on registrations. With Your Registrations, congregants can easily access important details about both upcoming and past events that family members are registered for, including:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date/Time
  • Attendees
  • Payment Status
  • Balance Due and Date Due (if applicable)
  • Confirmation Code

InFellowship: Your Registrations is the first installment of a group of InFellowship enhancements that are designed to increase functionality and improve the user experience for church congregants. Stay tuned for more news on what’s next from FellowshipOne!

Product Release Notes

The FellowshipOne Development team has been very busy! Here is a quick review of some of the key initiatives we have worked on:

FellowshipOne Insights

Many customers cited the need for more intuitive reporting as one of their biggest pain points when it comes to FellowshipOne. We listened and were super-excited to release the FellowshipOne Insights Contributions and Attendance Dashboards in April. With the addition of the newly released Attributes Dashboards, churches now have the power to visualize and track what matters most. Be sure to explore all of the features of Insights that include innovative reporting, easy filtering, numerous export options and the ability to schedule and send reports to other users.

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Insights Attributes Dashboards Are Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Insights Attributes Dashboards, which use the flexibility of FellowshipOne attributes to help track what matters most to your church. Individual attributes in FellowshipOne can be configured to track virtually anything including Spiritual Growth milestones, Assimilation, Email preferences, and even how new visitors hear about your church.

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F1 Product Release Notes July 2017

ProductNotesHeader2 1 1024x740 - F1 Product Release Notes July 2017

At FellowshipOne, we’re constantly striving to improve our customer’s experience with our product. Recently our focus has been on improving both the look and functionality of our church management solution. Below is a list of some of the most exciting new features that are now available:

·         Admins choose which Activities are available for Mobile Check-in

·         Congregants enjoy a simplified work flow for Mobile Check-in

·         Leaders enter notes about Group Meetings when Posting Group Attendance

·         Admins report on notes entered for Group Attendance

·         Congregants can edit InFellowship giving schedules from a mobile device

·         Portal enhancements streamline administrative processes, including the ability to delete InFellowship

          Accounts form the portal

·         A dozen separate iOS Check-in updates improve overall usability and printer connectivity

Look for more product release announcements to be shared soon!

FellowshipOne Launches Insights!

If you’re like most church leaders, you have neither the time nor desire to crunch numbers all day. You’ve got meetings to finalize the VBS schedule, schedule guest pastors for this summer, and even more meetings to finally nail down the sermon series for the fall. You have too much to do to comb through pages of data.

Instead of spending hours trying to make your data make sense, FellowshipOne Insights does it for you, so you can put your energy and time into your ministry instead. With a customizable and easy to use interface, you can find what your church thinks is important quickly and easily.

Modern churches crunch numbers to assess how they are operating and leading against their goals and mission to grow people spiritually, and to discover where improvements need to be made. They need to discover information and detect trends that aren’t immediately noticeable. They need reliable data on which to make predictive decisions for the health and true growth of not only the church, but more importantly its members and visitors. Insights can be the key to assuring that kind of growth in your ministry.

Attendance Group Attendance Analysis 300x167 - FellowshipOne Launches Insights!   Contributions Analysis by Average Contribution 300x167 - FellowshipOne Launches Insights!

FellowshipOne Insights offers unparalleled visibility into the effectiveness of your ministries. You would also be able to lead your church into greater accountability based on data-driven analysis of where you are using your resources.

Attend one of the FREE webinars to see all the benefits of FellowshipOne Insights.