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FellowshipOne Mobile: Put the Power of FellowshipOne in the palm of your hand.

FellowshipOne is thrilled to announce the release of FellowshipOne Mobile! Designed exclusively for Pastors, Ministry Leaders and church staff, this new application provides convenient accessibility to important Individual and Household information so that Ministry leaders can prepare for interactions with congregants.

FellowshipOne Mobile has an enhanced individual profile view that allows churches to gain valuable insight into individuals and households. With visibility into Group Membership, this new application helps users understand individual involvement. Access to Attributes and Requirements can not only help Ministry Leaders discern a congregant’s journey of spiritual growth or assimilation, but also provide visibility into background checks or other prerequisites to volunteering. In addition, FellowshipOne Mobile utilizes the security of FellowshipOne Note Types to give users the ability to both view and add important notes to the individual profile.

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FellowshipOne Mobile gives Premier churches access to Tasks, enabling Ministry Leaders to manage Contacts on the go, promoting timely follow-up and good stewardship of church members. Users can easily keep track of congregants who need follow-up communication for an infinite number of customizable Contact Items, such as First Time Visitors, Prayer Requests and Membership inquiries. With FellowshipOne Mobile, users not only have access to tasks that are assigned to them, but they can also set up tasks to track for the purpose of oversight or for sharing responsibilities with other Ministry Leaders. Users can easily transfer tasks, add contacts to tasks or close completed tasks with a couple of taps.


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Download FellowshipOne Mobile from the Apple App Store or from Google Play today!


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Current F1 users can learn more about using FellowshipOne Mobile in the FellowshipOne Help Center.