NOMOphobia: The Power of Mobility

With the holidays coming up, the focus for many families will be spending time together and making memories. However, in recent years, a major hurdle to connecting during the holidays fits in the palm of your hand. FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, has driven us to scroll endlessly during everything from family events to our commutes. It’s even led to the coining of the term “nomophobia” or the fear of being out of cellular phone contact.

The ironic aspect of this phenomenon is that succumbing to nomophobia can lead us to miss out on family and friends around us. During this time of year especially, we should be extra vigilant about our dependence on mobile devices. Unplug enough during the holidays so as to not miss out on the good things happening around you.

Not convinced about the severity of this phenomenon? Check out the statistics below. A couple of them might resonate with you.

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4 Ways to Develop Your Church’s Social Media Presence

ChurchSMpresenceTwitter - 4 Ways to Develop Your Church's Social Media Presence

Today we turn to our sister brand, Clover, for insight on how you can better develop your church’s social media reach.

As church leaders, you know better than anyone that staying connected with your people is essential to the life and growth of your church. While it would be nice if you had the time to call every church member to check in weekly, take every visitor to coffee to introduce them, or contact everyone in your congregation personally to remind them of an upcoming event, we all know that’s just not going to happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way you could quickly and easily connect with people on a regular basis to start conversations, encourage them with truth, and keep them up to date on all that’s going on at your church?

Enter social media!

For more on how to enhance your church’s social media presence, click here.

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Have Your Church’s Facebook Numbers Gone Down?

small group holding hands - Have Your Church’s Facebook Numbers Gone Down?

Like it or not, we all tend to rely on the numbers to let us know if we’re effectively engaging with our friends and followers on social media. However, Facebook makes a lot of changes and it’s hard to keep up with them all so, if you’re scratching your head about why something’s happening there, we can clear up at least one mystery for you.

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Is Your Church Using Twitter?

Today’s post contains a lot of link love, but be sure come back for the free resource I’ve included at the end.

Social media has become the primary way many of your members communicate, yet the surprising findings reported in the Capterra blogpost: 10 Powerful Church Statistics on Social Media Use show that churches are having trouble keeping up.

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