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NOMOphobia: The Power of Mobility

With the holidays coming up, the focus for many families will be spending time together and making memories. However, in recent years, a major hurdle to connecting during the holidays fits in the palm of your hand. FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, has driven us to scroll endlessly during everything from family events to our commutes. It’s even led to the coining of the term “nomophobia” or the fear of being out of cellular phone contact.

The ironic aspect of this phenomenon is that succumbing to nomophobia can lead us to miss out on family and friends around us. During this time of year especially, we should be extra vigilant about our dependence on mobile devices. Unplug enough during the holidays so as to not miss out on the good things happening around you.

Not convinced about the severity of this phenomenon? Check out the statistics below. A couple of them might resonate with you.