Church Management

Effective Church Management begins with a Software solution that fits with your Mission

FellowshipOne is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with your church to provide software that fulfills its specific needs, putting you in control and ensuring the best value for your church.

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People, communication, security, events, tasks, finances, and reporting data brought together with FellowshipOne

The suite of FellowshipOne products is instrumental in helping church leaders establish streamlined processes for connecting with visitors and helping people engage in the church.

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Focus on Fellowship, not on Paperwork.

FellowshipOne's church management software was designed for effective, long-term success in church administration. Manage your church's greatest ministry resource — member data — with a suite of tools that allows many tasks to be automated and accessible online. Church software from FellowshipOne offers a full-range of options that serve not only staff and ministry leaders, but also lay leaders, members, visitors, volunteers, and children.

Bring your whole church together with a unified communication platform

Church growth starts with community. FellowshipOne provides a single platform for communications between all your church teams and groups. Streamline your church and create more time for building and fostering relationships.

  • All your people in one place
  • Grouped together in unlimited ways
  • Enhancing your communication

A home for everyone

  • From church staff and leaders to long-time members or new visitors. Easily find everyone in one place in your church management software.
  • Add your existing member and staff data with ease. Gain the ability to rapidly assimilate new visitors.
  • Reduce administrative burden by allowing your members the ability to keep their own information up-to-date.

Communities within your church

  • Group members can access a central, online environment to stay connected to the others in the group.
  • Small group leaders can communicate easily with not only their group or groups, but also with the leadership personnel who oversee all the groups.
  • Ministry leaders can keep their fingers on the pulse of all their small groups with ministry management software.

Better emails, better targeting

  • Maintain quality personal connections with all your members as your church grows in size.
  • Easily and stylishly convey your messages to visitors and members with church email tools and church newsletter templates.
  • Target communications only to those to whom it pertains, such as parents, women or students. Automate communications and increase response rates.

With FellowshipOne your church and members benefit from a wide variety of tools designed to improve the church experience.


Manage and care for members

Manage all your members' data in one system. Give permissions for members to manage their own data.

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Build communities and groups

Improve spiritual growth and create a sense of community in a fast-paced world with member groups.

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Multi-purpose check in systems

Benefit from a centralized, real-time church check in system, useful for events, classes, and secure child care.

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Modern church accounting

Allow your leadership to better align ministry goals with data and financial insight through accounting software designed for churches.

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Oversee church events with ease

A streamlined web-based hub for event details, resources, facilities, communication, reservations, registration, and workflow tracking.

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Track and manage volunteers

Vital for recruiting, security approval, training and assignments of multiple volunteers, across multiple services and campuses.

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Get insightful data

Church reporting analytics allows your church to track specific data over time and to identify helpful trends you might not be able to see in person.

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Grow contributions with online giving

Provide your members with multiple options to donate and make payments while streamlining the administration of funds.

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Your whole church in your pocket

Give your staff and members access to your church's important information from their mobile phones in real time.

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Why is FellowshipOne the first choice in church software for over 4,000 churches?

One of our core beliefs at FellowshipOne is that technology alone will not grow churches. Our team understands the church world. We are dedicated to providing valuable resources for every level of church management. This includes leadership, stewardship, process development, change and risk management. Ask these churches how FellowshipOne has partnered in their success.

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