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Church Reporting

Church reporting analytics allows your church to track specific data over time and to identify helpful trends you might not be able to see in person.


A robust church reporting tool may be one of the most important features of a Church Management Software system, especially for those ministry leaders who understand that their church database is one of the most valuable ministry resources they have, second only to the individuals represented in it.

Church reporting analytics allow you to track specific data over time and to identify trends you might not be able to see in person. Not only can you get church attendance statistics, a perpetually updated church directory, or a giving report, you can also discover deeper data insights, such as:

  • Who is attending—and from where, which plays heavily into multi-church management
  • What times of the year typically show offering declines or increases, which helps you manage your budget and online giving messaging
  • Where people drop off spiritual growth tracks, which helps you offer exceptional member care
  • How your front door rate compares to your back door rate, which could inform your small group and community strategy or the steps in your visitor track.

Collecting and tracking data is just the beginning. With reliable analytics, leaders can challenge assumptions and make informed decisions about the effectiveness of programs and processes already in place.

FellowshipOne has always been the leader in reporting with our robust Core Reports. We’ve now revolutionized reporting again by creating three reporting tiers (Dashboard → Interactive Reporting → Core Reports) in order to inform and equip church leaders with the data they need to make smart decisions quickly. Church reporting is now easy for every leader in the church to digest.

FellowshipOne Dashboard

For the analytical novice or on-the-go ministry leader, there’s FellowshipOne Dashboard. Church vitals are available at a glance and require no training or report expertise. This dashboard is responsive and available on any device, iOS included. Customizable key metrics could include giving and attendance, or more unique metrics that you’ve collected in your database, such as baptisms or membership commitments.

FellowshipOne Interactive Reporting-Giving

With Interactive Reporting-Giving, church leaders can view key metrics on tithes and offerings in a responsive web format that’s easy to understand. The data is complemented with trend charts in Dashboard that contain period comparison by week, month, quarter, or year. From there, leaders can drill into the details that warrant a closer look or apply filters to segment data into sub-groups, like payment type, activities, or age. Here’s a brief explanation of more features within Interactive Reporting:

  • Rather than starting with a form, you start with data that can be easily modified or filtered.
  • Modify your own filters or bypass filter selection on report entry.
  • Modify row and column grouping to fit your reporting needs.
  • Save new reports by name after modifying from defaults.
  • Instantly make highly formatted, print-ready reports.
  • Export precisely what is being viewed on the screen to XLS, XLST, CSV or PDF file.
  • Included “Filters Used in Report” section on each view so that the data is easier to interpret and modify as needed.
  • Reports will automatically generate, reducing your wait time.

Here’s how FellowshipOne church reporting software delivers data insights for guess-free decision-making:

  • Core reports library for easy access to our most-run queries
  • Robust, flexible reporting for deep data mining
  • Easy-to-find guides within the reporting query process
  • Option to save common reports or share them between users
  • Household and Individual level reporting
  • Summary Data displays in multiple forms: singular (PDF) and dynamic (excel), mailing label templates, rosters, mail merge, or into a temporary groups file for further categorizing or mass action
  • Security Rights settings to manage user viewing, editing, and reporting for the protection sensitive data
  • Training and insight on the criteria and queries that make valuable reports, and the processes necessary to collect the needed data

Many churches start out wanting simple reporting. As leaders solve problems and begin to understand the power of data, they become interested in the hidden details within their data. This desire to dig deeper often coincides with the discovery that their current easy-to-use reporting system isn’t capable of providing those kinds of answers.

Take your church data insights to the next level with the most robust analytics tool in the church software industry.

Ready to see how FellowshipOne can help you streamline your ministry with a better experience for your church members and staff?