Church Management

Multi-Site Church Management


No more juggling. Multi-site church management is possible with church growth software that works from both a campus-specific perspective and from a high level view through central operations.

As churches evaluate their strategy for moving deeper into their communities, addressing overflow issues, or managing church growth, they turn—more and more—to the multi-site model. Because with the knowledge that most people want to attend a church within 15 minutes of their homes, it makes more sense to show up in more communities than to build new buildings on existing sites.

While the movement is still in its infancy, it is gaining momentum despite the unique challenges it holds. Successful multi-site leaders are blazing the trail and documenting their experiences of church growth and church planting, sharing clear warnings of what not to do, and best practices that have been fruitful.

One thing they all agree on is the need for a reliable church management software tool that can manage the myriad details that every church faces, as well as the overarching needs of multiple campuses.

Here’s how FellowshipOne church growth software helps multi-site leaders:

  • Support for a variety of multi-site models or church plants
  • Automated, online, self-serve format for visitors and members lessens administrative burden for staff.
  • All data for all campuses accessible anytime, anywhere via 100% web-based software
  • Automated messages routed to proper ministry leader for real-time view into volunteers, security, and event schedules, as well as member care and visitor contact.
  • 360° view of each household’s attendance, volunteer history, giving history, ministry involvement, household profile information and staff notes—all in one place!
  • Comprehensive reports for statistics and trends on giving, visitor retention, demographics, small group placement and more
  • Unique qualities of multiple sites can emerge while retaining vital consistency in the underlying framework and administrative processes
  • Customized reporting by campus or across multiple campuses
  • Campus-specific or full church visibility through central operations

Ready to see how FellowshipOne can help you streamline your ministry with a better experience for your church members and staff?