Church Management

Small Groups & Community

Improve spiritual growth and create a sense of community in a fast-paced world with member groups.


Small is big in the church world. FellowshipOne empowers your small groups to experience community and genuinely care for one another.

Small groups are a proven way to improve spiritual growth and create a sense of community in a fast-paced world—especially in churches with multiple sites or services. FellowshipOne provides effective group management benefits to everyone: Individuals can find groups in their area, submit an interest form or register for a group. Group members quickly access an online environment to stay connected with others in the group. Small group leaders communicate easily with their group and with their leaders who oversee all the groups. Group ministry leaders can easily send reminders and see attendance trends, as well as funnel news and prayer requests to leadership. Ministry leaders can keep their fingers on the pulse of all their small groups with FellowshipOne.

Empower large groups by enabling FellowshipOne’s integrated social media tools that provides convenient and safe meeting places. With features like a prayer wall and resource-sharing center, you’ll encourage more people to join your community.

Here’s how small group software from FellowshipOne can empower growth and community:

  • Flexible interface for any style or hierarchy of church small group, community, or cell group
  • Group search on your website (for members and visitors) with custom criteria or proximity map and interest/registration form
  • Visibility into group leaders’ span of care, and the health and activity of all small groups for leadership (Premier only)
  • Social media links: Facebook and Twitter.
  • Self-management tools for lay leaders’ groups
  • Profile access (social media enabled) for group members
  • Communication tools for small group leaders and members
  • Mentor program management

Ready to see how FellowshipOne can help you streamline your ministry with a better experience for your church members and staff?