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Easily and stylishly convey your messages to visitors and members with church email tools and church newsletter templates. Learn how to increase the effectiveness of those messages and church communications.


Communication is a key component of every relationship and it is particularly important in churches, especially as they grow. In today’s busy world, it takes as many as 7 repetitions of a message for most people to hear it, and these repetitions must occur in different venues. That means that every message requires 7 times the effort on the part of church staff and ministry leaders than normally expected.

Take a bite out of that statistic by automating some of the communication tasks on your list. FellowshipOne makes it easy to target communications only to those to whom it pertains, such as parents, women or students. Targeted church emails are more likely to result in action and to reduce unsubscribes due to too many irrelevant emails bombarding your members’ inboxes. Increase email response action by embedding links and buttons into your church newsletter that take readers directly to the desired next step of registering, donating, completing forms, or viewing event information.

How FellowshipOne helps you with church communications:

  • HTML email church newsletter templates
  • Richly-designed email templates for church email marketing
  • Saved templates for repeat email types
  • Familiar text editor tool bar
  • People query and temporary groups enable targeting emails to relevant audience only (i.e. parents)
  • Mass email groups of any size
  • Security rights management for delegation (defining who may send an email on behalf of someone else), template creation and sharing, and “confidential” email viewing
  • Report recommendation list to help collect accurate email information
  • Activated emails (hyperlinks and buttons to take next action: donate, register, or view other materials) encourage “next actions”

Ready to see how FellowshipOne can help you streamline your ministry with a better experience for your church members and staff?