Church Management

Check-In Systems

Benefit from a centralized, real-time church check in system, useful for events, classes, and secure child care.


From church security to centralized resource and people management, church check-in software is a vital component of children’s programs and all types of events, both onsite and off.

Keeping children safe is the primary focus of a child check-in software. Churches with a smooth, organized and efficient children’s check-in and pick-up process also give parents and guardians a feeling of confidence that their children are safe in the care of competent and diligent people. Our randomly-generated tag codes heighten child and nursery pick-up security and give care-givers vital information about allergies and other special needs or alerts, while making it easy to contact parents if necessary.

Staff also benefits from the centralized and real-time management an effective church check-in system provides. Leaders can organize classrooms, class assignments and even last minute reassignment of volunteers on site or across campuses without drama. Attendance is automatically registered and any child can quickly be located at any time. Volunteers check in to the event to enable leaders to monitor assignment fulfillment and the potential need for back-up volunteers.

Multipurpose church check-in software gives you the ability to link online event registrations of all kinds directly to the database. The flexibility of FellowshipOne’s church check-in systems allows for custom definitions and prerequisites for error-free event management.

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