2018 GAAP Reporting Standards: What You Need to Know

Is your ministry prepared for the new GAAP reporting changes that take affect for this filing season? If your church files reports according to these GAAP standards and you haven’t made the necessary changes in your accounting practices, you could be looking at a larger bill from your auditors and a scramble at the end […]

5 Steps to Prepare for Natural Disasters

During a crisis, communities tend to turn to churches for support. If ministries don’t plan for the worst, they may find themselves unprepared, overwhelmed, and unable to provide the necessary assistance for members of their congregation and their community. Without proper preparation, a church might risk exhausting its resources, responding inadequately, or — worst-case scenario […]

Shelby Financials Best Practices: Separation of Duties

Our blog today is from Alfred Johnson, the product owner for Shelby Financials, who has been working with churches implementing Shelby for the past 22 years. Alfred has also served as a pastor for 32 years, served on the board of directors for a Bible training institute, and taught business and computer classes at a […]

FellowshipOne+Shelby Financials FREE Overview Webinar

Join us for a FREE Overview of FellowshipOne + Shelby Financials as we give an overview of the Shelby Financials suite including: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Bank Account Management, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, and Payroll. We will be joined by Alfred Johnson, the product owner for Shelby Financials, who has been working with churches implementing […]

Introducing FellowshipOne Academy!

Welcome to the new FellowshipOne Academy.  The FellowshipOne Academy is designed to host our online training courses, taken at your convenience. Our Getting Started with FellowshipOne course is now open for enrollment. This simple course offers a new staff member or key volunteer at your church an overview of FellowshipOne. Topics include logging into the […]

Easter Follow-up Made Mobile Webinar

Did you know that the word ‘church’ is Googled more in the month of March than at any other time of the year? It’s never too late (or too early) to review your visitor follow-up process and see where improvements can be made. Our team has worked with thousands of churches to develop the best […]

How to Capture Visitor Information Online

One of the most common problems we hear at FellowshipOne is church leaders wanting more information about visitors to their church. If you’re not intentional about engaging visitors, they can slip in and out of your services completely unnoticed. But what about on your website? These days, your website is most often the first point […]