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Top 4 Social Media Channels for Churches

When it comes to communicating with their congregation, a recent poll by the Nonprofit Marketing Guide reveals that 71% of churches find social media one of their most popular solutions, second only to their own website (80%). But with so many social media channels available, which ones are the most effective for churches?

Social Media for Churches: Facebook is Still King

Pastors report that their most effective social media channel is—you guessed it—Facebook. Nearly 85% of churches find that Facebook is where their congregation is, and it remains the best way to send out information and get interaction. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, setting one up for your church is top priority.

Social Media for Churches: Twitter is More Popular Than You Think

Only about 15% of churches use Twitter, but it remains the second most powerful social media site for churches online. Twitter has 330 million users as of 2019 and many pastors find it an easy channel to use and get interaction on—once they understand it. Using hashtags is the great secret behind understanding how Twitter works. Seek out the hashtags that might work best for you, and encourage your congregation to use a custom hashtag just for your church so you can track church conversations anywhere.

Social Media for Churches: YouTube Fits Your Strategy

Many churches don’t realize YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, trailing only behind its parent company, Google. By placing your services and video announcements on YouTube, you can tap into its 2 billion users, and help your members stay connected to you even when they’re away.

Social Media for Churches: The Rising Star is Instagram

With a billion users, Instagram is becoming a very popular social media channel for churches, especially when reaching a younger audience—but only about 15% of churches even use it. Instagram is especially effective for posting photos of church outreaches, and even sharing short videos. Having a total social media solution for your church is a key part of your overall communication strategy, including your website, email, texting, print and more. Make all your communication easier by using a good Church Management Software like FellowshipOne. Click here to schedule a free demo and see how you can make the communication with your members stronger than ever!