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Online Giving: How to Increase Generosity This Easter

Easter is full of fun and exciting traditions and experiences. All the chocolate and candy help to sweeten it even more! But more importantly than all the stuff and things to do, Easter is the perfect time to share the beautiful message of the gospel. Easter is a pivotal time to do that because it is commonly the most attended weekend service at churches. This way, even more people get to hear the good news. Plus, with so many members and visitors attending, online giving can help increase donations this Easter, allowing more opportunities for ministry and outreach. 

Some church leaders may feel a little awkward talking about tithes and offerings on a day where there are so many new people attending church. But honestly, many people want to contribute to organizations that are making a difference. And often people do not give because they aren’t even aware there is a need.  

Below, we will look at how online giving and church management software can not only increase giving but make administrative life easier for your church staff.  

Why Use Complete Church Management Software and Online Giving for Easter? 

Church administration is simpler with an all-in-one ChMS. Aside from the obvious benefit of tracking attendance and all the new people that show up, you’ll want to engage Easter visitors because you want them to come back. You can reach more people and follow up with them. Send out communications thanking new attendees and inviting them to take next steps.  

Online giving is simple for donors and is synced to member records. They will have access to their giving amount and frequency and be able to update their information at any time. And with integrated ChMS, it makes it easy for staff to send communications, updates, and appreciation notes.  

Rather than having multiple software solutions with numerous logins and passwords to remember, complete church management software ties all the systems together. That’s why having your ChMS and online giving platforms “talk” will really make a difference. 

Make Giving Easy 

With so many new and returning visitors, Easter is the perfect time to emphasize the importance of generosity. Increase donations with digital giving options, including online, text-to-give, and mobile app options. Most churchgoers are going to have their phone handy on Easter Sunday! Make giving seamless by allowing them to give straight from their mobile device.  

Online Giving

Provide an easy-to-find giving page directly on your church website. They can also sign up for recurring giving and select how frequently they want their donations to be taken out automatically. There is the option to provide a dropdown for fund management—where the giver can choose which ministry or campus they would like their gift to be designated. 


People always have their phone, so texting to give is a hassle-free way for church members and visitors to donate right from their fingertips. Text giving meets donors where they are and enables spontaneous giving. They simply text a specific word, like GIVE, to a designated 10-digit number. Then they will be prompted to fill out a giving form to submit their payment in only a few seconds. Talk about an easy way for people to contribute during the Easter service! 

Mobile App Giving

A mobile app is a great way for users to be able to send donations, schedule recurring giving, or contribute to a giving campaign. They can manage giving on the go and contribute at any time that is convenient for them. Aside from the offering moment during your Easter service, they can give during the week from wherever they may be.  

Digital Giving Form 

Include an embeddable giving form on your church website and the form link when people text your church’s giving phone number. Create custom payment forms within your church giving web page. These forms allow donors to easily input their information to make their donation. It includes things like their name, contact info, and the amount of money they desire to donate. Be sure to offer the option for people to choose recurring giving too. People are more likely to donate more with recurring giving than by making multiple one-time gifts.  


On top of the benefits for givers, online giving and ChMS will make life easier for your staff. Your finance team can instantly access valuable reports. All contributions are viewable from one system and can be managed in real-time. View trends and see who is donating when, where, and how. It also makes it super simple to follow up with donors after Easter and even send a little “thank you” note. 

Online Giving and Complete ChMS for Your Ministry  

Accelerate generosity this Easter with online giving and church management software. FellowshipOne makes it easier to maximize your church’s impact while simultaneously reducing administrative burden. Bundle our powerful services to create a complete church management system that will work for your ministry. Contact us today to get started!

Download the Easter Giving Toolkit for resources you will need to help encourage offerings before and after Easter.​ The toolkit includes a complete guide to online giving, an eBook on Text Giving, and much more!