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Church Data Reporting without a Data Degree? Yes, Please!

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Our Core Reports is the most complete reporting solution in the ChMS industry. In fact, one of the primary goals in creating Fellowship One church software was to put—for the first time ever–real data in the hands of ministry leaders for the purpose of better member care and visionary church growth.

Many churches love it, but it’s SO robust that some people find it overwhelming! And you definitely couldn’t carry it around in your pocket. Up ’til now, that is.

Now we’ve revolutionized reporting again by adding two new reporting tiers that make data easily accessible to pastors, admin staff, lay leaders and volunteers (at whatever level of access you decide on).

The key word here is EASY.

Easy to use, easy to comprehend, easy to get hooked on!

See our new reporting features live, TOMORROW!

1. Fellowship One DASHBOARD

For all customers

Not only is our new Dashboard for all our church partners, it’s also for all those on your staff who want or need to track participation and other data points:

Pastors: Simply by logging in, top officials can get a pulse on their church by referencing key attributes unique to their church.Our goal is to enable a pastor or ministry leader to check the church’s vitals in just a few clicks and see it in a visual format. With just a few clicks, a church leader can now see summary and chart data right at his or her fingertips. Designed for the analytic novice, this is easy to use and instantly remembers the user’s settings and preferences for the ultimate personal experience.

Admin Staff: Often, it’s the admin staff who spend the most time pulling the church’s data. Once your pastor’s dashboard is set up on his personal device, you will likely see a drastic decrease in requests for information. Say goodbye to pulling six reports, consolidating the data, creating excel charts and putting it in an easy-to-digest format.In addition, once your pastor gets addicted to accurate numbers in the palm of his hand, you’ll be able to make your case for top-down insistence of mandatory data integrity for the whole staff!

Lay Leaders: Staff can block access to sensitive giving data, while still giving group leaders access to attendance and other ministry goals. They’ll be a lot more likely to take attendance at small group or other meetings when you get them excited about data by putting it right in their hands.
Nervous about getting started because of your complex data? Dashboard comes preconfigured to make it immediately usable and is accessible on all your devices!

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2. Fellowship One Interactive Reporting

For our Premier customers

The first phase of the new Fellowship One Interactive Reporting includes our Interactive Giving and Attendance Report, scheduled for release this month. In seconds, it provides an easy to use, interactive summary of donation data, change variables and filters and see new statistics in real time based on your selections.

Instantly drill down into the numbers to get a deeper understanding of how different layers contribute to the overall contribution/attendance numbers:

  • How does your contributions breakdown by payment type?
  • Which demographic gives/attends most often?
  • Which contributes the most?
  • How do your funds/attendance breakdown by activity?

All of these answers are just clicks away — in an interactive and visual format.  Plus, with a few clicks, even someone with limited Fellowship One experience can pull and drill down into vital financial information using Interactive Giving and, if desired, export it into excel or PDF format.

Unlike Core Reports, you can instantly see data as you add filters and columns to it, and it’s available on all your devices!

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See both these features and other new releases at our webinar tomorrow!