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3 Ideas for Ramping Up Your Men’s Ministry

Does your church’s men’s ministry need a boost? Are you looking for ways to engage new and younger men and meet their needs in a fresh, relevant way? Here are three ideas for ramping up your church’s men’s ministry so that it can attract new members and meet the needs of existing ones.

Bonding Over Activities

If you’re looking to attract new attendees to your men’s ministry, schedule fun activities. This may sound simplistic but think about your current men’s ministry. Is it based on a teaching session followed by coffee and mingling? Is it limited to a prayer group with a core group of men who have been coming for years and are quite likely older and more established in their faith? For newcomers, many of whom may be younger in their faith and age, those settings may be uncomfortable at best and unfulfilling at worst.

Look at the age and interests of the men you want draw. Do you live in an area where outdoor activities are common? If so, an early morning hike before work may draw more interest than coffee and donuts, and there’s still time for a short devotion and prayer before or after the hike. Other activities might include a movie followed by dinner where leaders can encourage discussion about the movie’s themes from a Christian worldview. Both of these activities (and others) allow men to bond over activities without the pressure of making small talk.

Break Out of the Stereotypes

Often when churches attempt to reach men, they do so in a stereotypical way. They look to extreme sports or traditionally accepted activities. They don’t consider that not all men are wired the same way. While your church may be full of would-be Harley riders and football enthusiasts, others will find technology and video games more appealing. By planning events or guest speakers who appeal to both, you’re more likely to draw men of different ages and interests.

Keep the Communication Coming

You don’t have to wait for Sunday morning announcements to communicate, encourage or check in with those in your church’s men’s ministry. Social media and text messaging give you a chance to keep communication flowing. On average people check their smartphones every six minutes, or 150 times per day. For churches, that means men’s ministry groups can send reminders, updates, conversation starters, and even jokes as a way to encourage communication and stronger relationships. It’s just one more way for churches to meet new and existing members right where they’re at. And with the right church management software, like FellowshipOne, this kind of communication is easy. Look at your church’s men’s ministry with fresh eyes. Ramp it up with fun, new activities that go beyond stereotypes while encouraging communication between leadership and members. Doing so not only encourages your members to participate but also makes outreach easier. Don’t wait to ramp up your men’s ministry, and if you want to know more about FellowshipOne’s church management software, be sure to contact us. We’d love to partner with you and help you fulfill your mission!