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Release Notes 5/16/19

Electronic Refunds Have Returned

As we add debit/credit card and ACH refunds back into the F1 Portal, we are placing some limitations around the refund process that you’ll want to be aware of. These limitations include:

  • The registration can only have one existing payment
  • The registration can have no existing refunds
  • The refund must be within 60 days of the original payment
  • The refund must be to the original card/account

These controls are necessary for the time being to ensure security around processing refunds. If you need to process a refund and do not meet all of the above limitations, registration refunds will still be possible via check or cash.

Additional Age Range Flexibility for Volunteer Applications

The new volunteer pipeline gives you the option to set an age range for applicants who are applying to specific opportunities. Until now, the age range restriction was tied to a specific date, which is great for volunteers for a one-time event (like a construction project or a volunteer day), but not-so-great for applications that you want to leave open for an indefinite time (like when asking for volunteers for your Connections Team or Children’s Ministry).

With the latest updates in the 5/16/19 release, you’ll now be able to choose which type of age restriction you’d like to use. If you want an open-ended application, just don’t select the “specific date” checkbox, and an applicant’s age will be verified at the time they apply, and not in reference to a specific date in the future.

Latest Design Updates

The newest pages to receive the updated look and feel are the Notes and Add/Edit Notes pages. When on an individual’s or household’s record, select “All Notes” in the bottom of the Notes card, and you’ll be taken to the updated version of this page. You’ll still be able to view all notes you have the rights to see, and add/edit/delete notes as well. Here’s a comparison of the legacy look and feel versus the new design:

If you’re the detail-oriented type and/or want to find out more, you can find a full list of updates in this release here.