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How FellowshipOne GO is helping one customer maximize his ministry

One of our favorite things is hearing from our customers about how our products are helping them maximize their ministry. We recently received feedback from a pastor in Texas about what makes F1 GO so valuable to his church. We thought it summed up the F1 GO experience perfectly.

“I would highly recommend any church regardless of size to use FellowshipOne GO software for their church database needs. I found this to be cost effective for our 2 year old church. We had no software and were using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of our membership.

We were able to easily import our membership list into the software with very few errors because they guided us through the column headers and everything matched up nearly perfectly. Any problems we had were from duplicate entries we made on our end.

The training videos are wonderful because they are short, sweet and to the point. For busy pastors and church leaders who need quick answers, I find those videos very helpful because I can get an answer via video in 5 minutes without having to watch an hour long video or have to try and scroll through it to find what I need at the moment.

The thing that I love most about FellowshipOne GO is that it has revolutionized my ability as the under-shepherd to communicate with the sheep God has entrusted to me. I can send a mass text message to everyone and record that contact in the software, or do the same in a longer format via email. I’ve sent out devotional encouragements and each member or attender gets a personal email or text from me. Their responses come straight to my email whether via text or email contact and I believe people truly feel a personal connection with me because it is exactly that, PERSONAL! It has made my arms much longer in terms of pastoral care.

I also love the FellowshipOne GO app that I have on my phone so I can connect with the church as a whole whether in my office on my laptop or with my smart phone. When I make a hospital visit, I log onto the app, look up the member and make a note on their file of the date and time I went to see them. I can record what happened in the visit for future reference and it just aids my pastoral care ministry.

I continue to find new features the longer we work with the software so I’m beyond thrilled with what these folks have done. If you live in cold whether climate where you might have to cancel services because of bad weather, this system is worth it’s weight in gold because with one text message and you’ve informed the whole church you had to cancel and you didn’t have to find your webmaster to put a note on your church website – or for a small church pastor, you didn’t have to change the website!

The implementation process and all the staff we’ve worked with from FellowshipOne GO have been so awesome. You cannot go wrong with this product!”

Pastor Ralph Green
ChristCentral Baptist Church, Corpus Christi, TX

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