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What is a Dynamic Church? Part Two

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Today we continue our series, “What is a Dynamic Church?” where we examine the traits of effective ministries. Today we continue with part two of three. You can find part one here.

A dynamic church should have…

Emphasis on spiritual growth

  • Leaders place a high value on the spiritual growth of its members.
  • They invest in equipping the core and committed members of the church, helping families address the dysfunction in their lives and become full-time followers of Christ.
  • The church looks to establish meaningful relationships within the congregation through small groups and by demonstrating Christ’s love through acts of service in the local community.

Effective Processes & Metrics

  • Leaders leverage best practices and implement efficient processes that enable them to be good stewards of their time and resources.
  • They desire to use the latest technologies to ensure timely followup with inquiries, security of children in their care, administration of their members and volunteers, and accurate tracking of donations.
  • In addition, dynamic church leaders recognize the value of analyzing data and turning it into meaningful information for use in ministry decisions.

We will conclude this series with part three next week. Keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter to  and the rest of our upcoming blog content.