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What is a Dynamic Church?

dy·nam·ic [dahy-nam-ik] adjective: characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic.

This is the question being asked since 2004 by a group of Kingdom-minded individuals who believe the world can be changed by changing the church world. Recognizing the daunting challenges of the 21st-century church, they set out to understand the issues and provide solutions. It started with an idea: With all the variables inherent in the religious world, what exactly should the church look like? The consensus was that no matter what form a church takes, it should be…

DYNAMIC. What does Dynamic mean to you? Here’s what it means to us…

A dynamic church should have…

Proactive Leadership

• They have strong leadership with a clear vision of where they are headed. + Staff members are in alignment with that vision.

• Leaders are highly creative and innovative in their approach to ministry.

• The church is proactive rather than reactive, never satisfied with the status quo but, instead, embraces change that results in growth.

This is part one of three of our series on the definition of a dynamic church. Keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter to see the rest of the series in the coming days.