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5 Must-Have Children’s Check-in Codes

Checking children into Sunday School or Kid’s Church isn’t only about tracking attendance. The latest technology allows children’s directors and volunteers to check kids into their classrooms while gaining valuable information during the process—through children’s check-in codes.

Two Children’s Check-in Codes Every Church Should Have

When checking-in children for church, it goes without saying that any system should provide a unique, randomly generated number for each child. The number appears on the child’s badge and creates a security check-point when it’s verified against a receipt given to the parents or guardians. This ensures that every child goes home with exactly who brought them to church.

Beyond that, having the child’s name on the badge helps volunteers quickly call children by name and makes each one feel more at home. It also helps children get to know each other faster.

But today, modern check-in systems like those from FellowshipOne have the ability to add even more information to check-in badges.

Children’s Check-in Codes Can Include Classroom Identifiers

One valuable piece of information that can be added to check-in badges is the name of the classroom to which the child is assigned. By putting the classroom on the tag, children are more likely to be dropped off at the proper location and, should they need to go to the bathroom during service, having their classroom on their badge ensures they are returned to the right room.

Children’s Check-in Codes Can Include Allergies

In an age when allergies are on the rise, it’s worth investing in a check-in system that can easily alert leaders to a child’s allergies. Notes about peanut allergies, gluten sensitivities and diabetic protocols can keep children safe. They’ll also keep workers alert to the dietary issues of each individual child, even if the child is too young to speak for themselves.

Children’s Check-in Codes Can Include Special Needs

Some children have special needs, and a good check-in system can provide leaders with information about each child’s needs during service. Having these codes can increase the outreach of your children’s church, allowing you to bring awareness and knowledge to your volunteers as they take care of needs that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Step Up to a More Powerful Check-in System Today—with ALL the Check-in Codes You’ll Need

Your check-in system can be a powerful tool for your children’s church staff and volunteers when it not only provides security for families, but also information tailored to the needs of each child.

If you’re looking for a robust check-in solution, drop us your information and we’ll help you explore your options and find the one that works for your church. We look forward to talking to you!