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Why Your Church Check-in Should Include Volunteers

Church Check-in: It’s not just for kids! Church check-in is great for volunteers, too.

For years, churches have realized the many benefits of checking in children for Sunday School and Kid’s Church: It’s an affordable solution not only for tracking attendance but—more importantly—it helps make sure each child goes home with the parent or guardian who dropped them off. Children’s church check-in has become a feature that parents have come to expect at any church they attend.

What many children’s pastors are discovering is that check-in is a great tracker and time-saver when it comes to working with volunteering adults, too. Common children’s church adult-to-children-ratios are 2:1 for babies and toddlers and up to 10:1 for grade school level children. Because of that, even small-to-medium churches can easily have a dozen or more volunteers helping out in each service. Large churches may have 100 or more. As the numbers grow, checking in volunteers becomes essential.

Check-in Volunteers to See Who’s Missing

When Sunday morning or Wednesday night church starts, the last thing any children’s director wants to be doing is excitedly rushing between classrooms to confirm that every volunteer has arrived. By checking-in volunteers, you can see—in a single terminal—who has arrived and who’s yet to arrive.

Check-in Volunteers to Reallocate Resources

If a classroom is empty or lacking volunteers, a check-in system allows you to see which classrooms are plentiful so you can easily move volunteers around, making sure every child has adult supervision.

Check-in Volunteers to See Who’s Consistent

Check-in not only allows you to see who has arrived during a particular service, but they also give you greater insights. With check-in systems like those offered by FellowshipOne, you can give you a bird’s-eye view of who your most faithful volunteers are, allowing you to reward them for going above and beyond.

Check-in Volunteers to Identify Weak Points

Conversely, a birds-eye view can also show you which classrooms and services regularly have weak points so you can reevaluate, restructure, and ensure success across the board. Making sure no classroom is regularly struggling for volunteers will ease the burden on your most faithful volunteers, week after week.

Give Your Church Check-in System a Closer Look

Children’s check-in systems have evolved into easy-to-use, robust systems that serve multiple purposes. Checking in not only children but also volunteers will ensure you have all the resources you need so you can focus more on ministry and care—leaving the organization to a system you can trust.

If your ministry is looking for check-in solutions, we’d love to help you explore your options and find the one that works for you. Fill out this form and we’ll have one of our ministry system experts give you a call!