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7 Visitor Gift Ideas That Make Them Feel Welcome

Making visitors feel welcome when they arrive at your church is top priority. Preferred parking, enthusiastic greeters and a comfortable environment all play an important part in the essential first impression. But perhaps nothing has become a standard welcome in today’s church like providing a generous welcome gift to first-time guests. Here are seven affordable visitor gift ideas you could include in your Church Welcome Kit.

Visitor Gift #1: A Handwritten Welcome

Gifts don’t always have to be expensive. Including a handwritten card in your welcome kit from one of the pastors is a great way to give a first-time visitor a warm welcome.

Visitor Gift #2: Writing Instruments

No one wants a cheap, plastic pen, but a quality pen is always welcome, as is a Bible highlighter and/or an inspirational journal for taking sermon notes.

Visitor Gift #3: Coupons

From a coupon for a free latte at the church coffee shop to a coupon for $5 off anything in the church bookstore, free is free!

Visitor Gift #4: Candy

You can’t go wrong with candy. Hard candies, decadent chocolates and even individually wrapped mints are a pleasant surprise for anyone with a sweet tooth…which is just about everyone.

Visitor Gift #5: Books, CDs and Bibles

Give the gift of teaching by giving away a book by the pastor, a worship CD, a CD message or even a Bible in the same translation the pastor regularly uses.

Visitor Gift #6: Church Information

Though church information may not seem that exciting on the surface, most visitors are actively seeking information about what your church believes and who you are. By providing a statement of faith, a flyer introducing the various pastors, an upcoming events calendar and a list of active ministries and meeting times, visitors have everything they need at their fingertips for getting involved right away.

Visitor Gift #7: Drinks, Cups and T-shirts

Whether it’s a nice water bottle or a coffee mug with the church’s logo on it, people almost always enjoy a gift that’s practical. Give them a beautifully-designed t-shirt and you might even start seeing a new fashion statement in town.

BONUS Visitor Gift: Don’t Forget the Kids!

As much as adults enjoy receiving a gift from a new church, nothing can warm a family’s heart like receiving gifts for their children. A backpack with school supplies or even a decorative plastic name tag for the littlest ones’ diaper bags is always a bonus.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

A nice gift alone won’t ensure a visitor returns, but it’s a great way to break the ice, inspire a warm feeling, and allow a visitor to see the heart of your church.

If you’re looking for an even more extensive list of great items to include in a Church Welcome Kit, download our free ebook, How to Make Visitors Feel Welcome today.