Insights Attributes Dashboards Are Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Insights Attributes Dashboards, which use the flexibility of FellowshipOne attributes to help track what matters most to your church. Individual attributes in FellowshipOne can be configured to track virtually anything including Spiritual Growth milestones, Assimilation, Email preferences, and even how new visitors hear about your church.

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What is Return on Ministry?

ReturnonMinistrypic 1 1024x670 - What is Return on Ministry?

Return on Ministry is a way to think about church health and growth. Its concepts reveal the breadth of influence a ministry or event has on the congregation, community or world, as well as the depth of the significance it has on people’s lives. Are lives being touched and changed? That is, after all, why Christ said he came: that we might live an abundant life (John 10:10). Return on Ministry teaches churches to recognize and be responsive to trends. Simple stats such as attendance and monthly offering reveal no who, why or how information, and certainly nothing about future projections. Understanding trends translates into strategic leadership, rather than blind reactivity.

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Fellowship Community Church: Removing data silos and improving member care

FourChurchesCoverImage 1024x685 - Fellowship Community Church: Removing data silos and improving member care

Jim Diercks followed a career in the United States defense industry by taking a lead volunteer role with the 1,300-member, two campus church. At the time, their church management system consisted of data silos of excel spreadsheets and Google Apps. for several years, the senior Pastor felt the church had outgrown this system and worried about who might be “falling through the cracks”. He tasked Jim with finding a ChMs for the church. Jim and a team of staff members conducted an extensive comparison of over 200 ChMs systems on the market, eventually focusing on cloud-based products. They then narrowed the selection down to two systems: CCB and F1.

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Grow and Empower Community with Small Groups Software

GroupsWhitepaperHeropic - Grow and Empower Community with Small Groups Software

Churches often rely on volunteers to manage and report on the groups in their care. Some churches have hundreds, or even thousands, of groups to monitor and track, which can make the administrative burden seem insurmountable without the proper tools.

How can FellowshipOne help your church make that massive amount of data work for you? Find out by downloading the resource below!

Asset 1 e1500403065224 - Grow and Empower Community with Small Groups Software

How Children’s Ministry Spaces Attract Families & Grow Churches

TreeHouse - How Children's Ministry Spaces Attract Families & Grow Churches

Guest post provided by our partners at Worlds of WOW!

Corporate giants Disney, Universal Studios, and Hershey understand that themed destinations for children draw families and leave positive, lasting impressions. These environments also invite kids to do what they do best – learn through play. Churches know that one of the best ways to reach adults for Christ is through their children. When churches invest in intentional, visually appealing children’s spaces, they send a tangible message: They care about kids and families.

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Who Are Your Super Greeters?

supergreethandshake - Who Are Your Super Greeters?

Ideally, everyone is part of the welcome team. Leadership must communicate clearly and regularly to the congregation that everyone is a host, not a guest. Greeters are those awesome volunteers who are quick with a smile and a handshake and can point people in the general direction of the worship center or the restroom. But high-volume events not only tax your supply of greeters, they also require a little more. They call for Super Greeters.

Do you have volunteers who fit this description? How do you support the Super Greeters you already have? Find out by downloading the resource below!

F1 Product Release Notes July 2017

ProductNotesHeader2 1 1024x740 - F1 Product Release Notes July 2017

At FellowshipOne, we’re constantly striving to improve our customer’s experience with our product. Recently our focus has been on improving both the look and functionality of our church management solution. Below is a list of some of the most exciting new features that are now available:

·         Admins choose which Activities are available for Mobile Check-in

·         Congregants enjoy a simplified work flow for Mobile Check-in

·         Leaders enter notes about Group Meetings when Posting Group Attendance

·         Admins report on notes entered for Group Attendance

·         Congregants can edit InFellowship giving schedules from a mobile device

·         Portal enhancements streamline administrative processes, including the ability to delete InFellowship

          Accounts form the portal

·         A dozen separate iOS Check-in updates improve overall usability and printer connectivity

Look for more product release announcements to be shared soon!

April Onsite Certification

OnsiteCertEdited 300x225 - April Onsite Certification


The April Onsite Champion Certification Course was a success! We hosted representatives from Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and locally here in Texas. We had a blast not only in the classroom, but also when we went to dinner together!

This Champion Certification class built upon previous courses taken by adding real life scenarios, hands-on labs, and process documentation. Our class gained a more robust knowledge of FellowshipOne through sharing experiences and best practices at their own churches. In addition the class obtained tools that will allow them to train their staff, document their unique processes, and get the best return on your FellowshipOne investment.

During the 4-day class we had the opportunity to:

  • Learn new features and functions available in FellowshipOne, such as Insights.
  • Network with other FellowshipOne users
  • Meet and connect with our FellowshipOne expert staff

We discussed many different facets of FellowshipOne, some of which included:

  • Return on Ministry
  • Effectively documenting processes for your church
  • Tracking spiritual decisions
  • Tracking and following up with first-time guests
  • Building a FellowshipOne Champion Team
  • Connecting people to groups and tracking involvement
  • Tracking attendance and involvement
  • Connecting volunteers and tracking volunteer engagement
  • Entering contributions and delivering online statements

Upcoming Educational opportunities include:

Foundations class June 19-22. Click here for details and registration.

Online Certification class July 17-20. Click here for details and registration.





Are you among the millions who make and inevitably abandon their New Year’s resolutions?

While we all wish we could do a better job keeping our personal resolutions, dynamic church leaders know they can’t afford to simply make a wishlist (what many resolutions amount to) and hope for the best.


Church Administrators…or “Keepers of the Names”?

smiling teenagers.compressed - Church Administrators…or “Keepers of the Names”?

A few years ago, Joe Champion of Celebration Church in Austin encouraged those who were attending our user conference with a lofty calling: Keepers of the Names. We love that!

We usually call it administration. That’s what the Bible calls it, too–and it’s no small thing.The Apostle Paul reminds us that administration is a spiritual gift. Unfortunately, the church’s organizational and support staff are all too often the unsung heroes. These behind-the-scenes ministers provide humble foot-washing at its best, especially when you consider this definition of the word Paul used in 1 Corinthians 12:28:

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