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How Church Management Software Leads to Church Membership

How exactly can strong church management software affect church membership?

If you’re in church leadership, you may have asked that question before. You may understand why your church needs a strong financial system that makes giving easy for both members and church staff. You may even see value in a church-wide communication system that allows members to receive email, text, and voice updates. But how does church management software enable a local body to grow? To answer this question, let’s examine the journey of a newcomer from initial contact to member.

People Start on Your Website

Most prospective members learn about a church through its website. Even if they’ve heard about a church or have driven by, they’ll still visit the church’s website to learn more about the focus and personality of the ministry, what outreaches and side ministries it offers (i.e. children’s, youth, college/career, and singles), as well as its weekly community gatherings through small groups. This is why a website that is easy to navigate and reflective of the church is so important. Prospective members want to learn as much as possible before they walk through the church’s doors during a weekend service. And if they have questions, they want those questions answered quickly through the website, so they know what to expect when they arrive.

The Newcomer Card Comes Next

Once newcomers arrive and feel comfortable, you can encourage them to fill out a newcomer card. This card is entered into your ChMS. This allows church leadership to connect with newcomers and discover how to better serve them. It’s a clue to engage with newcomers and provide information about ministries, discipleship opportunities, and general church knowledge. It may even be the time to invite newcomers to join a small group. Since a strong ChMS, like FellowshipOne, offers small group information and signup online, newcomers can search for the small group that meets their needs, allowing them to connect with other people and become part of the church community.

Introduce Church Membership

As newcomers’ knowledge about and connection to the church grows, leadership can introduce church membership. They can invite newcomers to informational meetings and events with leadership and other church members. It’s the ideal time to share your church’s vision and how newcomers fit into that vision. With the right church management software, newcomers can quickly learn what your church offers and see how they fit into the church’s mission. If you’re curious to learn how a church management software like FellowshipOne could affect your church membership, contact us. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you and help you fulfill your mission to reach your community!