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Fellowship Community Church: Removing data silos and improving member care

Jim Diercks followed a career in the United States defense industry by taking a lead volunteer role with the 1,300-member, two campus church. At the time, their church management system consisted of data silos of excel spreadsheets and Google Apps. for several years, the senior Pastor felt the church had outgrown this system and worried about who might be “falling through the cracks”. He tasked Jim with finding a ChMs for the church. Jim and a team of staff members conducted an extensive comparison of over 200 ChMs systems on the market, eventually focusing on cloud-based products. They then narrowed the selection down to two systems: CCB and F1.

Why Jim and Fellowship Community Chose FellowshipOne

Between the two systems on Jim’s short list, he concluded that feature sets, cost, and quality of products and companies were similar. however, Jim’s risk analysis differentiated the two systems. he concluded that F1 brought a lower risk solution.

More specifically, what set fellowship one apart for Jim was FellowshipOne’s implementation process:

+ The implementation timeline was shorter and had higher confidence.

+ Only FellowshipOne’s two-step process allowed an invaluable sandbox environment in which to train and practice.

+ Training packages were tailored for individuals on Jim’s team.

+ Implementation included an on-site visit by data specialist.

+ The Implementation team responded to questions right away.

+ F1’s structured, on-demand training tools allowed easy, back and forth maneuvering between online help, support, and videos.

The process began with a starting point of manual processes and completed with a Cloud-based system in use in just a couple of months.

Time to Go-Live: 8 Weeks*

*Timeframes are dependent on individual implementation plans and church staff participation, and may be atypical.