What Does a Customer Success Manager Do Anyways?

This is a great question! Depending on the industry and the company, you may get very different answers. While there is an “official description” on the FellowshipOne website, today I thought I would share my personal perspective of what it means to me having been a Customer Success Manager at FellowshipOne for over four years.

Planning an Effective Church Budget: Budget Approved, Now What?

A guest blog from the accounting team at PSK. 4 Strategies for Following Through 1. Have a strong platform in place that includes: + A chart of accounts, or a list of the church’s general ledger accounts used to generate financial statements (This should be an exact replica of the church budget.) + Timely financial […]

Special Emergency Communications Offer for Churches, Schools and Businesses Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

First and foremost, our family at FellowshipOne would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the families, churches, and communities during this life-changing event that’s affecting your area. Our hearts are heavy thinking about everything your community must be going through, and we’d like to help in any way we can. Communication is critical […]

What’s so Great about The Roadshow?

Our team loves to help churches take full advantage of the powerful technology available through Fellowship One. For the last five years, we’ve gone on tour with the Dynamic Church RoadShow to bring educational resources directly to our church partners. These RoadShow events are a highlight for customers because for a minimal registration cost they […]