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Special Emergency Communications Offer for Churches, Schools and Businesses Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

First and foremost, our family at FellowshipOne would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the families, churches, and communities during this life-changing event that’s affecting your area.

Our hearts are heavy thinking about everything your community must be going through, and we’d like to help in any way we can. Communication is critical during any event such as this, and to help maintain contact with your church family we’d like to offer your church FULL USAGE of the ChurchCast messaging platform from the team at High Ground Solutions at NO CHARGE through September 30, 2017.
What is ChurchCast?
ChurchCast is a leading national mass notification and messaging service used by thousands of churches and ministries across the country. With ChurchCast you can send hundreds – even thousands – of voice calls, SMS/text messages, and email almost instantaneously! You can launch ChurchCast messages from a secure web-portal, through mobile app, or using any touch-tone phone via toll-free hotline.

How will we get our members’ contact information into ChurchCast?
To make this procedure as quick as possible, we have set up a simple “mobile opt-in” process that you can share with your church members and they can “sign up” themselves with their cell phones. This is simple, instantaneous, and requires no data entry from your church office.

What’s the catch?
We know these services can provide a huge impact to churches experiencing an emergency event. During this crisis, it’s important to our mission that we provide our service to serve you now – simply and at no cost. There is no obligation to purchase anything beyond the free period.

Note: Depending on the time we receive your information and number of churches we’re onboarding, it may take a few hours to get you signed up. Therefore, we encourage you to activate your ChurchCast messaging platform as soon as possible.

We’re praying for your safety over the coming days, and we look forward to being able to help your church weather this storm.