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Planning an Effective Church Budget: Budget Approved, Now What?

effective church budget

A guest blog from the accounting team at PSK.

4 Strategies for Following Through

1. Have a strong platform in place that includes:

+ A chart of accounts, or a list of the church’s general ledger accounts used to generate financial statements (This should be an exact replica of the church budget.)

+ Timely financial statements that include results of activities and a budget vs. actual comparison

+ A budget breakdown that incorporates the year’s giving/spending trends

+ Ideally, designated/restricted gift activity

2. Keep an eye on revenues and trends, so any shortfalls can be addressed quickly.

Revenues include:

+ Tithes and offerings

+ Service revenues (Day care, school, book store, etc.)

+ Special events

+ Investments/endowments

Help identify trends by asking these questions:

+ Is income increasing, decreasing, or plateaued?

+ Are a significant number of members joining or leaving the congregation?

+ How is the local economy doing? Are any layoffs on the horizon?

+ What is the demographic make-up of your church? What did it look like three years ago?

3. Control expenses with a formal bill-paying and approval system.

A strong bill-paying system must clearly document:

+ Who authorized the purchase of goods or services

+ Who received the goods and compared them to the original order

+ Who compares the invoice with the authorization

+ Who prepared, signed, and mailed the check

+ Who recorded the transaction in the general ledger

4. Develop a monthly cash budget. Some months, it’s common for cash outflow to exceed inflow. (July and August, for example) Develop a “budget within a budget” to avoid paying bills late, borrowing money, or dipping into alternate accounts. Use historical data to:

+ Estimate the next month’s giving receipts and expenses.

+ Compare the net amount to cash on hand.

+ Make adjustments as necessary based on the shortfall amount.

Remember … There is no one right way to do a church budget. A church’s mission and vision will impact its financial
planning. Our hope is that these suggestions will help point your team in the right direction for your ministry.

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