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F1 Serves Bonton Farms

Last month, some of our FellowshipOne team took a day to serve our community. Two teams over the course of a couple of days served at Bonton Farms. The farm, which is located in the South Dallas neighborhood of Bonton, combats “food deserts” in disadvantaged neighborhoods. 63% of residents in Bonton lack personal transportation and the nearest grocery store is a 3-hour round-trip bus ride away. The residents only access to food is beer and liquor stores, where the food is processed and often out-of-date. Bonton Farms not only provides real, nutritional food in this food desert, it generates jobs in an area where they are hard to come by.

So we at FellowshipOne lent a hand, doing everything from cutting down brush to milking the goats to harvesting arugula. We’re committed to not only helping churches reach people, but improving our community around us as well. It deosn’t hurt that we had a lot of fun at the farm, too.

For more information about Bonton Farms and how you can help their mission, click here.