7 Ways Technology Improves Church

Can technology improve the way we experience church? Some may question whether technology has any role in church other than what’s necessary to function in this modern age. They may worry that technology will make the church more disconnected and impersonal. In truth, the right technology can make churches even more connected. Let’s examine five […]

Fellowship One and the IT Director

Remember the Maytag repairman? Maytags were built so well, he didn’t have much to do and suffered from extreme loneliness. That’s who I think about when I share all the ways Fellowship One church management software helps different staff members, and then come to the IT department. For the IT director, the best we can say […]

Have No Fear: Fellowship One Teacher is Here

What’s your nickname for the craziness commonly known as Sunday School? With our long-awaited new feature, Fellowship One Teacher, you’ll soon be calling Sunday School management “a piece of cake.” Taming the madness of kids’ ministry is vital not only to providing optimal learning environments, but also to protecting children in an area of heightened potential risk. […]

Executive Pastors: 4 Ways Jesus Did More with Less

As executive pastor of your church, you’re a person who knows how to get things done. You’re detail-oriented and task-driven, but you also know how to motivate people and measure results. Because of your diverse strengths, you wear a lot of hats. Your roles may range from managing staff and overseeing building operations to ministering […]

Understanding Unchurched Millennials

We’re hearing more and more from our church partners that a major concern they have is how to engage millennials. This is a unique time in the church’s history and, with 43% of adults in America being “churchless” (Barna Group), it’s easy to be alarmed about the state of the church and its possible future, […]

Seeking the Best Church Management Software? 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Of course, we think we offer the best church software—all the companies in this industry do. But that doesn’t mean there’s one super “best” solution that’s truly the best for every church. Ultimately, each church has to engage in some software-sleuthing to find the one that’s best for them.

The Age of Google: Pastor Brady Boyd on Technology

Technology has transformed our lives, but most of us can see that the transformation hasn’t been all good. That leads church leaders to ponder what the church’s relationship to technology should be. We spoke with Pastor Brady Boyd to see how he feels about and uses technology in ministry. (View the video interview instead).

Mercury Flight: Better Communications = A Better Community

[Guest post by Sage Harrison, SMO at Mercury Flight, cloud-based software that allows churches to broadcast messages via phone, email or text.] At Mercury Flight, we know the importance of finding engaging and successful ways to communicate with your community. With Mercury Flight, you can easily broadcast a message to your entire congregation, a specific group, or […]