Mercury Flight: Better Communications = A Better Community

[Guest post by Sage Harrison, SMO at Mercury Flight, cloud-based software that allows churches to broadcast messages via phone, email or text.]

At Mercury Flight, we know the importance of finding engaging and successful ways to communicate with your community. With Mercury Flight, you can easily broadcast a message to your entire congregation, a specific group, or even just a single person, choosing from multiple formats. Our analytics show you which methods work best with which groups.

We’re so excited to partner with Fellowship One! This opportunity not only allows us to gather incredible insight into the effective ways churches are currently communicating with their congregations, but also it allows us to develop new tools that help churches turn communications into engagement and ministry.

Top 10 Best Ways Churches Use Mercury Flight

It’s been amazing to hear from our churches about all of the exciting ways that Mercury Flight is helping them save tons of valuable time, while becoming one of the everyday tools they rely on. Here are our favorites:

  • First Time Visitors: Attach a voice message to a text campaign from your Sr. Pastor welcoming and thanking them for visiting.
  • Volunteer Engagement: Sometimes a reminder call, text, or email is all that’s needed to help recruit volunteers. We make it easy for you to remind and even reschedule or swap assignments for them.
  • Small Groups: Announce, update, send reminders, and distribute study materials.
    Church Announcements: Send daily devotions, scriptures, prayer requests, and emergency announcements.
  • Thanking Donors: A special thank you reminding someone of the ministry that they just supported can mean more than you know!
  • Prayer Teams: Send out daily request to your entire team and notify them of critical requests or updates. Even have you team text message prayer requests in to you!
  • Staff Updates: Send reminders, operational & service updates, inclement weather notifications, and devotions to your entire staff with just the click of a button.
  • Holiday Service Time Reminders: Fill all of your services by reminding your congregation of the special service times that you’re having for them. Encourage them to invite friends by forwarding the text.
  • “We Missed You at Youth Group”: Let the kids that haven’t checked into youth group in a while know that you miss them by sending them a text. Run an absentee report (M1035e) in F1 and import your list into Mercury Flight.
  • Event Promotions: Increase attendance by sending announcements, inspirations, devotions, reminders, event materials, surveys…the list goes on!

Mercury Flight is easy to use, cost effective for all budgets, and essential when trying to manage all of your call, text, email, and social communications from a single place!

To get started integrating Mercury Flight with Fellowship One:

Grant us access by logging into your F1 account. From the Admin Menu > Integrations: Applications > Mercury Flight > Grant Access
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