Fellowship One and the IT Director

Remember the Maytag repairman? Maytags were built so well, he didn’t have much to do and suffered from extreme loneliness. That’s who I think about when I share all the ways Fellowship One church management software helps different staff members, and then come to the IT department. For the IT director, the best we can say it, “you don’t have to worry about our software!”

It may be an incorrect stereotype, but the upside of this may be that IT personnel kind of like being alone.(?)

Some churches try to build their own church management software, but most ultimately realize that their focus and an enormous amount of resources are being diverted to IT rather than ministry.

Because Fellowship One is cloud-based, we manage all the software upkeep! Your IT director can focus on hardware–and serving as a consultant to explain any techno-speak you don’t understand about security and features.

Download our IT Directors & Fellowship One onepager to get an overview of how Fellowship One frees up your IT director.