Have No Fear: Fellowship One Teacher is Here

What’s your nickname for the craziness commonly known as Sunday School?

With our long-awaited new feature, Fellowship One Teacher, you’ll soon be calling Sunday School management “a piece of cake.”

Taming the madness of kids’ ministry is vital not only to providing optimal learning environments, but also to protecting children in an area of heightened potential risk. As a bonus, churches that equip the valuable staff and volunteers who serve in this area with tools to excel could also reduce attrition rates.

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How Fellowship One Teacher Helps TEACHERS

Teachers login to the web-based application using their own mobile device (any mobile tablet such as the Apple iPad or Microsoft surface, in addition to smart phones and desktop or laptop web browsers). From there, they can view real-time information on the participants checked into classroom: when the students checked into the roster, arrived at the class room, or checked out.

The Teacher application displays the student’s security code, photo, and last attendance date and also alerts teachers with special instructions they should be aware of, such as a food allergy, medical condition, or a recent or upcoming birthday. Teachers can also filter lists to display by any one of these criteria, for a quick verification of all who may require extra attention, or a list of all who are on-site but haven’t checked into class yet.

Kids’ ministry leaders will wonder how they ever lived without it. Jimmy ate his name tag? No problem. Pull up his special notes, security code and more right on your phone. Two teachers in the room? No problem.

How Teacher Wows PARENTS

Imagine a new parent’s experience when they arrive to the classroom after checking in and their child is greeted at the classroom by name, their upcoming birthday is called out and their special notes are reviewed without you even having to bring it up. One word – Wow. That level of detail gives parents confidence that your children’s ministry has prioritized their childrens’ safety and overall experience.

Webinar: Fellowship One: A New Era

What Teacher Can Do

In the early days of church management software, Fellowship One revolutionized check-in and is now the first church software to deliver this kind of control to the check-in experience:

  • Data is real-time. Changes made at check-in stations, within the Portal or from another Teacher app instance are reflected as they occur.  This gives teachers the ability to prepare for a student who is coming by quickly reviewing key information before they arrive at the classroom.
  • There are three statuses for each student on the roster:On-site:
  1. As students check-in anywhere in the church they will automatically become active on the list of students.
  2. In: Teachers click on this when a student enters the room.
  3. Out: Teachers select this when a student leaves the room.
  • Attendance is tracked to the minute in the application.
  • Tag comments, birthday reminders and last attendance dates are available at all times so that teachers are fully informed and better able to engage students.
  • Standard 3-digit security codes are presented in the application once a child is on-site (e.g. has checked in) so teachers can ensure they’ve identified the correct student and that they are releasing the child to the correct parent.
  • Teacher app only works when the user has an active volunteer assignment associated with a roster, so users must first check-in as a volunteer before using the app. If a teacher has multiple assignments, they will be able to toggle between assignments.
  • Settings are instantly remembered. If you add a filter to only see kids that have checked in, when you log back in, that is what you will see.

Think Bigger. No, BIGGER!

Fellowship One Teacher is going to be your new best friend for all kinds of activities that require check-in:

Golf Tournaments

Our friends at Faith Assembly love the flexibility of check-in to manage their youth ministry’s fundraising golf tournament. They created the golf tournament as an activity and set up the tournament schedule. Next they created rosters for start time and tee position. Then they added cart number as the breakout group.

This meant that when the golfer checked in, two tags were printed, one for them and one for their bag. Volunteers were then able to match the bag with the cart number and pre-deliver the bag to the cart. Then each golfer had their tee time and cart number right on their name tag. It worked perfectly!

Large Events

Teacher can provide the same level of control to organizers that is needed in children’s ministry. Retreats and conferences often require more than just an initial check-in. Fellowship One Teacher can assign breakout group identifiers at or before registration/check-in, and group locations will be shown on name tags so volunteers can instantly tell them where to go.

Come and See!

It’s one thing to read about these features, but what you really want is to get a look. We’re providing that opportunity to see not only Teacher but also other features recently or soon to be released. Learn more or register for our upcoming webinar today!