Product Release Notes

The FellowshipOne Development team has been very busy! Here is a quick review of some of the key initiatives we have worked on:

FellowshipOne Insights

Many customers cited the need for more intuitive reporting as one of their biggest pain points when it comes to FellowshipOne. We listened and were super-excited to release the FellowshipOne Insights Contributions and Attendance Dashboards in April. With the addition of the newly released Attributes Dashboards, churches now have the power to visualize and track what matters most. Be sure to explore all of the features of Insights that include innovative reporting, easy filtering, numerous export options and the ability to schedule and send reports to other users.

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Insights Attributes Dashboards Are Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Insights Attributes Dashboards, which use the flexibility of FellowshipOne attributes to help track what matters most to your church. Individual attributes in FellowshipOne can be configured to track virtually anything including Spiritual Growth milestones, Assimilation, Email preferences, and even how new visitors hear about your church.

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More Mass Action for Assignments

One of the great features of Fellowship One is the ability to perform a mass action. This could range from sending a communication to hundreds of your members or updating the records of many with a single click.

By popular request, we have added two additional mass action features to the Assignments list. This is the ability to delete and email members directly from the assignments overview page (Ministry > Assignments > View All).

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Online Giving without an Account

UPDATED 9/23/14:

Providing the convenience of online giving options and encouraging people to eventually schedule recurring giving is a key part of a successful giving strategy. That’s why we’re so excited about a new feature we’ll be releasing soon.

Starting September 16th, churches can enable “give without account” as part of the InFellowship Features menu for Online Giving! We believe this feature will eliminate one of the primary barriers that stops a donor from giving online.

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A New Activity Workflow

We’re improving the way you create and manage activities in Fellowship One!Hope Fellowship Quote e1407359267940 - A New Activity Workflow

Knowing the challenge that users face when creating new activities, our team set out to create a workflow that would provide guidance and clarify
activity settings. We also took a look at the data and actions you need to have easy access to when managing your activities and we’ve made improvements there as well!

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Sharing Reports

Sharing reports is by far the most most often requested enhancement for reporting. Being able to define a report and pass it along to another member of your team gives our F1 Champions, or anyone else with reporting chops, the ability to help others leverage the value found in our very powerful, reporting tool.

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Release Notification | Contribution Batches

Changes are being made in preparation for the release of our new Contributions Application (coming in Q2!). On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, we will release a consolidated Batches > View All page in Fellowship One. The link for Batches will now be named General Batches and the link for Remote Deposit Capture will now be named Imported Batches. These changes do not impact the way you enter contributions or process RDC batches.
We will also be adding the ability to attribute RDC Contributions to the Household Level in order to make this feature consistent with all other contribution entry methods.

InFellowship Replaces WebLink for Online Giving

On April 17, 2013 InFellowship will replace WebLink for online giving. At that time, all existing online giving links will redirect to InFellowship Online Giving automatically. After the April 17th transition, you can begin updating the links on your website. Please review the following action items to be completed on or after April 17, 2013.

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