Online Giving without an Account

UPDATED 9/23/14:

Providing the convenience of online giving options and encouraging people to eventually schedule recurring giving is a key part of a successful giving strategy. That’s why we’re so excited about a new feature we’ll be releasing soon.

Starting September 16th, churches can enable “give without account” as part of the InFellowship Features menu for Online Giving! We believe this feature will eliminate one of the primary barriers that stops a donor from giving online.

When “give without an account” is turned on you will:

  • Turn on the ability for donors to make a contribution without creating an account
  • Activate a unique URL that you can include in an email, taking people directly to a give now page that does not require members to log in
  • Provide access to “Give Now” link on the InFellowship home page that will be visible to users not logged in
  • Enable giving on a mobile device (currently only available to give without account)

Here’s a sneak peek:

 Direct URL

Mobile Give Now

Mobile Give Now

Online Give Now


Although giving without an account does have the potential to create duplicate people records in your Fellowship One database, the overwhelming response from our church partners was that they would rather merge duplicate people records if it makes it easier for people to give online! With that in mind, this option is one that you can decide whether or not to enable. In a future release, we will also include the option for donors to create an account at the end of the transaction process. Doing so will initiate an automated email requesting them to validate the email address and create an InFellowship account so that they gain the added ability to schedule future giving and view their giving history. It is being removed from this initial release because the account creation process is not yet designed to be responsive. Look for a future release to add this enhancement soon!

If your church uses Fellowship One for online giving, be sure to enable this feature today!

If you’re not already taking advantage of Fellowship One’s online giving options, you can learn more about it by filling out this online form or contacting your Account Manager. We’d be happy to help you get started!