InFellowship Replaces WebLink for Online Giving

On April 17, 2013 InFellowship will replace WebLink for online giving. At that time, all existing online giving links will redirect to InFellowship Online Giving automatically. After the April 17th transition, you can begin updating the links on your website. Please review the following action items to be completed on or after April 17, 2013.

1. Replace the links to online giving on your website and communication templates
The new links for your church are located in Fellowship One under WebLink > InFellowship > Links. Existing WebLink Online Giving links will change to a redirect page referring users to bookmark the new InFellowship Online Giving link for your church.

2. Review and edit online giving confirmation messages
The new Confirmation Messages now include receipt of their gift and a link to the Online Giving page. We have eliminated the HTML editor, so you’ll need to remove any HTML from the Confirmation Messages by going to WebLink> Online Giving> Confirmation Messages.

3. Review Quarterly and Yearly scheduled givers (Optional)
Since Quarterly and Yearly schedules options are not available in InFellowship Online Giving, these schedules will be changed to a future One-Time gift using their next scheduled instance of Quarterly or Yearly gift. To identify if you have any givers using these schedules, run report G6008E.  You can then notify them of the change if desired.

For a complete overview of InFellowship Online Giving visit our online help.