The Cost of Giving Statements

Believe it or not, the holidays are fast approaching. For churches, this time of year usually entails a significant increase in giving which is both a blessing and adds extra work for your staff. Printing and mailing giving statements is a significant cost and time burden for you and your staff. It could even be […]

Making the Most of Your Members’ Generosity

The Right Tools Matter Did you know that duct tape has a million great uses…everything from making wallets to prom dresses, but, strangely, not for taping ducts. “According to the research, over a long-term period of time, duct tape ‘failed reliably and often quite catastrophically’” at sealing and repairing HVAC ducts.* At one time or another, most […]

Encouragement for Church Financial Directors

As director of finances at your church, you face significant challenges. While other ministers are busy with people and programming, you often become the primary (if not, solitary) checkpoint for responsible stewardship and record-keeping. In fact, you may feel personally responsible for your church’s operational excellence and financial health.

3 Reasons People Aren’t Using Your Online Giving Tool [Free download]

We talk often about the advantages of offering online giving, but we rarely address the concern that leaders have–even those who believe online giving could be a good decision for their church: Will people use it? In the early days of online giving, we thought churches were doing well if they had 30% of their congregation giving online, but […]

Beyond Google’s Mobilegeddon: 6 Reasons to be a Mobile-Friendly Church

Don’t panic, but did you know today is Google’s “Mobilegeddon Phonepocalypse”? Hopefully, this is not the first time you’ve heard that today, April 21, 2015, mobile-enabled sites everywhere will begin ranking higher in Google than those that are not. If it is, or if you’re not ready, we’re not saying you’re this far behind, but […]

3 Tips for Maximizing Year-End Giving

Across the board, December is indisputably the largest giving season of the year for donors. In fact, many non-profits and churches receive 30-40% of their annual contributions in December, with 10% of that amount arriving on the last two days of the year. Even more specifically, statistics show a significant spike in giving from 12pm […]

Online Giving without an Account

UPDATED 9/23/14: Providing the convenience of online giving options and encouraging people to eventually schedule recurring giving is a key part of a successful giving strategy. That’s why we’re so excited about a new feature we’ll be releasing soon. Starting September 16th, churches can enable “give without account” as part of the InFellowship Features menu […]