Making the Most of Your Members’ Generosity

The Right Tools Matter

Did you know that duct tape has a million great uses…everything from making wallets to prom dresses, but, strangely, not for taping ducts. “According to the research, over a long-term period of time, duct tape ‘failed reliably and often quite catastrophically’” at sealing and repairing HVAC ducts.*

At one time or another, most of us learned that not all tools do what they claim to do, and having the right tool makes all the difference.

What does duct tape have to do with generosity?

Builders want a product that actually seals ducts now and also stands the test of time. When it comes to giving tools for your congregation, we know you have a lot of options. The simplest and least expensive options will let you offer online giving.

But, it turns out, that’s not all most churches want from a giving tool.

We’ve been working for awhile to bring our church partners a tool that gives them the best features and functionality available. And now, it’s here:

The Benefits For Your Donors

Donors have become accustomed to simplicity and don’t have a lot of patience for friction in digital transactions. Not only will they find this new tool a breeze to use, they’ll love the following benefits:

  • New text-to-give and mission trip fundraising tools
  • Donors can give without a login
  • Text-to-give
  • Give in less than a minute
  • Donor giving records easily accessible anytime
  • Responsive design for any device
  • Visibility into new giving opportunities
  • Give in memory or in honor of someone
  • Completely church branded — no third-party apps or logins

The Benefits For Your Staff

Fellowship One users are overdue for some simplicity in processing and reconciling donations. This new tool contains many accounting features you’ve had on your wish list…too many to tell about here…but hopefully, this will whet your appetite to learn more.

  • Reduced IT and Admin frustration
  • Integrates with Fellowship One with virtually real-time sync
  • Direct integration with your church website (same top-level domain)
  • Donations that go straight to your church
  • Speed and flexibility for quick entry, creating reports, or searching for transactions
  • Add to website with just two lines of code
  • Reconciliation is a breeze
  • Internal controls for reducing fraud opportunities
  • Unmatched security of data

Consistent giving is a difficult spiritual discipline for most people. Removing barriers to giving is one way to capture their inspiration to give with frictionless options for doing so.