Beyond Google’s Mobilegeddon: 6 Reasons to be a Mobile-Friendly Church

Don’t panic, but did you know today is Google’s “Mobilegeddon Phonepocalypse”?

Hopefully, this is not the first time you’ve heard that today, April 21, 2015, mobile-enabled sites everywhere will begin ranking higher in Google than those that are not. If it is, or if you’re not ready, we’re not saying you’re this far behind, but you’ve got some catching up to do.

Mobile-enabled means a website design is responsive to whatever type or size of device is being used. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to operate your phone on a non-mobile-friendly site. If you’re not sure if your church’s website is mobile-friendly, you can test it here.

If your site didn’t past the test, we hope your web team will make this a priority in 2015. However, we actually believe that mobile-friendliness should extend beyond your website. Why? Because of the common affliction the majority of your community suffers from: Nomophobia.

Treat “Nomophobia” Symptoms with Church Mobile-Friendliness

6 Reasons To Become a Mobile-Friendly Church

  1.  It’s less annoying for those who want to communicate primarily from their phones on your website, registration forms, and online giving page. (Less annoyance translates to more participation.)
  2. You’ll reach more members with last minute information and updates. That’s fewer people who didn’t get the memo that the youth group drop-off time was changed.
  3. Engagement rises when congregants are encouraged to read their online Bible, send “tweetable quotes” or express their enthusiasm about being there during the sermon. (Some of them are tweeting anyway; you know they are!)
  4.  Imagine events where the speaker can take questions or surveys via tweets while speaking!
  5. Pastors can stay in touch with members throughout the week on social media.
  6. Emergency giving is super simple with text-to-give, and it’s known to increase giving rates.

In August 2012, USA warned us that “The mobile wave is coming. If you’re not ready to ride it, you’ll be swept away by a tsunami of change that will fundamentally alter the world.”

That day is here. Are you ready?