The Age of Google: Pastor Brady Boyd on Technology

Technology has transformed our lives, but most of us can see that the transformation hasn’t been all good. That leads church leaders to ponder what the church’s relationship to technology should be. We spoke with Pastor Brady Boyd to see how he feels about and uses technology in ministry. (View the video interview instead).

Mercury Flight: Better Communications = A Better Community

[Guest post by Sage Harrison, SMO at Mercury Flight, cloud-based software that allows churches to broadcast messages via phone, email or text.] At Mercury Flight, we know the importance of finding engaging and successful ways to communicate with your community. With Mercury Flight, you can easily broadcast a message to your entire congregation, a specific group, or […]

Have Your Church’s Facebook Numbers Gone Down?

Like it or not, we all tend to rely on the numbers to let us know if we’re effectively engaging with our friends and followers on social media. However, Facebook makes a lot of changes and it’s hard to keep up with them all so, if you’re scratching your head about why something’s happening there, […]


Kindness. The greatest fruit of the spirit may be love, but sometimes the most overlooked is kindness. What does kindness even mean? The dictionary defines kindness as the act of being friendly, generous and considerate. Easy, right? Not as easy as it sounds. The type of kindness Jesus wants us to demonstrate is universal. This […]

3 Ways to Join the Easter Visitor Follow-up Conversation

Judging by the incredible response we had to our recent Easter Visitor Follow-up webinar, it’s clear that many churches are realizing the great opportunity—and responsibility—that goes along with the enormous wave of new faces Easter brings to churches. More than 600 people took part in the conversation, looking for learnings they could incorporate now to […]

Who’s (Ultimately) Responsible for Efficient Church Data Processes?

Ever wonder what the success factors for church management software are? The high-level answer is that an efficient data management process is the #1 essential factor in technology success and member management. However, there are a lot of other factors that make up such a process. Ultimately, we’ve seen that the top influence that makes […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Squeaky Clean Data

Here at Fellowship One, our job is church data. We’re dedicated to helping churches find better ways to collect, input, maintain, store, process, access, mine, and protect their data. We built our software to be able to help keep data clean and handle in-depth data mining. But that’s really for another blogpost. This post is […]