3 Ways to Join the Easter Visitor Follow-up Conversation

Judging by the incredible response we had to our recent Easter Visitor Follow-up webinar, it’s clear that many churches are realizing the great opportunity—and responsibility—that goes along with the enormous wave of new faces Easter brings to churches.

More than 600 people took part in the conversation, looking for learnings they could incorporate now to do a better job of engaging their church’s visitors on Easter weekend. Why? In hopes of making real connections that change lives. We all know we have to do a better job of this.

We’re honored to be a part of that conversation. It’s something we care about deeply. Visitor connection and retention are a vital part of growing people in Christ, as well as a huge part of how Fellowship One was built. This topic also significantly informs what we share with new church partners about setting up effective processes that encourage visitors to come back.

3 Ways to Join the Conversation

1. Watch the Webinar Recording Now If you missed our webinar, we’ve got a recording available for you to watch. Just click the gold button to the right to register and immediately receive access to the 53-minute recording. Here’s what people who attended the webinar had to say:

“Thank you for stating the numbers on visitor follow-up and attendance after a big service like Easter. This information makes it easier bringing suggested changes to our Elder board, who like seeing facts.” Jeanine F.

“Thank you! Very practical and helpful things I can implement immediately.” Marilou S.

“The webinar was excellent! I would love to have a larger sample of the children’s ministry guest card. I love the map and other information you provided. Thank you for allowing me to participate.” Donna J.

“Awesome Webinar!” Estrella C.

“Visitor” is the first stage of the membership journey, with a very small window for ensuring follow-on opportunities. Don’t let that window close because you don’t know the proven steps to turning first-time guests to second-time guests.

Register now. Join us at your convenience.

2. See Why it Matters

If you missed our last blog post on this topic, we shared some startling and compelling data trends we recently discovered about Easter visitors across our 4,000 church partners. We can only assume these numbers reflect the general demographic of all churches.

Not only is the data very interesting, but also–you need to know it. You can register for the webinar recording from that blog post, too.

3. Educate Your Congregation (free download)

The “church” can’t make visitors feel welcome. It takes the individuals who make up the church owning the responsibility for visitor engagement.

11 pictures are worth 11,000 words, so download our free Keeping Easter Visitors Quote Book, a collection of 11 images (like the one at the top of this post) with quotes from Pastor Brady Boyd, Mark Batterson, and others. Share them with your congregation to encourage everyone to be a host, not a guest, and other timely visitor reminders.

It’s time to prepare for Easter Visitors Follow-Up now! Let us help you get ready.