Who’s (Ultimately) Responsible for Efficient Church Data Processes?

Ever wonder what the success factors for church management software are?

The high-level answer is that an efficient data management process is the #1 essential factor in technology success and member management.

However, there are a lot of other factors that make up such a process. Ultimately, we’ve seen that the top influence that makes or breaks data management is the…(drumroll, please)


Trustworthy data requires more than accuracy in data entry and a high-quality software solution. It requires that every piece of information from every single ministry be kept in a single source that is accessible by all.

Yes, there are a lot of database practices administrative staff must get right, but without the cooperation of each ministry leader, the result will be a dirty database.

What does it take to get EVERY ministry leader to comply?

  • A no-exception mandate from someone in authority (including himself).
  • A leader who really understands that data is his most valuable ministry resource and his staff’s best tool for offering exceptional member care.
  • Access to the proper training and tools for his staff
  • Backing to allow staff to put new processes in place

Our records support that churches with Executive Leadership like this have a higher rate of success with Fellowship One, no matter the age or stage of their church.

If your pastor (or you, as a Sr. Pastor) aren’t there yet, please accept our in-depth eBook, Return on Ministry: Achieving Measured Results for God’s Kingdom. The faithful servants who administer your church data processes will thank you! (Click image to immediately download eBook.)

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